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Tubądzin Meets Art

Tubadzin Group celebrated the brand's 40th anniversary in the spaces of the Zachęta National Art Gallery. A real feast awaited the guests, not only for…
8 December 2023

Tubądzin Design Community: a place full of inspiration.

The Tubądzin Design Community is a base of unique knowledge and values dedicated to architects and designers, who abundantly draw inspiration from what is best.

Knowledge, creative thinking, modern technologies and extraordinary personalities from various industries meet in one place. Here you will find many materials that will inspire your creativity and view the design process in an unconventional way. Interviews with inspiring personalities, high-quality textures and training materials, information about the most important events in the world of design and architecture as well as projects organised by the Tubądzin Group are just the tip and a short preview of what you will find on the website of the community of creative people.

The fruit of many years of cooperation between architects, designers and the Tubądzin Group is the creation of a community that constantly inspires and broadens horizons.

Joining the Tubądzin Design Community, you will gain full access to the knowledge base, meetings with remarkable people, a unique process of creating interesting investments in Poland and other parts of the world, as well as unique materials and training activities conducted by eminent experts.

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