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The 4 Days 2023, a celebration of architecture and design, was held at the International Congress Center in Katowice from 26-29, 2023.

Humanity in the 21st century has been unimaginably successful – we are building more and higher than ever, and access to goods and services is virtually unlimited. All this has an impact on the environment. There is a lot to talk about ecology, and as with sustainability these days these words are very fashionable and common. Therefore, the topic of ecology and ecological played an important role during the fair. 4 Design Days 2023, a celebration of architecture and design, was held at the International Congress Center in Katowice, Poland.

4DD is an industry trade show and heated discussions and speeches on in 8 different stages. One of the topics discussed at the #ENERGYSENSE ASSEMBLY was “Eco-friendly building – how to build it?” The discussion featured distinguished guests Oliwia Drobnicka, Walenty Durka, Emilia Durka-Zielińska, Maciej Franta, Oskar Grąbczewski, Krzysztof Hajduk, Agnieszka Kaczmarska, Piotr Kuczia, Roland Stańczyk and Dorota Koziara – designer, artist, interior designer, art director, exhibition curator, designer and author of Cielo e terra collection, Tubądzin by Dorota Koziara.

The assembled guests discussed whether ecology is only for the wealthy and whether environmentally friendly solutions mean high construction costs. It turns out that a lot can be saved with thoughtful solutions starting with an ecological product.

What is eco-friendly? A product that stands the test of time in terms of the durability of materials and is used great currently developing energy-saving technologies. In addition to durability, beauty is an important aspect, and here architects know this best so that the building realized, whether public or private, will stand the test of time. The entire life cycle of a product is important, from its creation to its use to the possibility of disposal or reuse. Read more about eco-friendly ceramic products in the article.

As Dorota Koziara says: As a designer, I care most about ecological products, on the one hand, those that are produced on lines that respect the entire production cycle. I  for Tubadzin, I know what the first factories and the newest ones look like. I designed my collection in Cielo e terra mass for architects, to give architects a product that can be used in interiors, on facades, and in public spaces. A product that stands the test of time.

What are the main conclusions of the discussion? Every architect should use healthy materials, based on currently available knowledge of ecological building blocks. Timelessness in by thinking about form, function and materials in parallel. This is when the design is ecological.
See video coverage of the business days.

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