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The Tubądzin Group is a key partner of the competence and skills development cycle dedicated to designers organized in by Cad Projekt K&A.

“A well-designed day in your city” is a series of training sessions that took place in 6 cities in Poland – Poznań, Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Gdańsk and Łódź.

The purpose of the meetings is to provide the necessary knowledge to increase the efficiency of designers’ work, as well as to provide the most modern tools, provide knowledge in the field of designing and using the CAD Decor PRO program, and support architects and designers through the knowledge of the necessary tools for working with clients. And it’s all thanks to the cooperation of CAD Projekt K&A and the Tubądzin Group.

We share with you a summary of this series.

News from the interior industry, practical knowledge related to design, project implementation and inspiring conversations about design is the atmosphere of meetings within the project.

The power of knowledge, great organization and an atmosphere conducive to the exchange of thoughts, experiences, specific solutions and everyday support in emerging difficulties in a designer’s work. From technology to working with the client.

Summary in numbers:

– more than 300 designers and architects
– over 40 hours of training
– 2400 minutes of exchanging experiences and talking about 
– 8 trainers
– 6 cities and designer spaces

The agenda included speeches by speakers from the Tubądzin Group:

  • Ewa Kryszkiewicz, Manager of the Department of Development and Cooperation with Architects: Develop your path, and Tubądzin Community
  • Tomasz Smus, Brand Architect – Novelties of the Tubądzin collection: A creative way of designing the collection
  • Krzysztof Kulig, Product Manager – Q&A: The most common technical questions that arise during implementation




Read more here about this cycle in Poznań, Warsaw and Kraków.

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