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Architecture to us is, above all, an enormous passion and has become our way of life. Thanks to this, projects like the house in the Sudets come about. The investors showed great confidence in us, and we did all we could to not let them down. The main inspiration was nature and she needed to be the hero of this project. Nature was always on the top of our minds when choosing materials and creating spaces.

We can say with clear conscience that we managed to  the interior that allows to wholeheartedly take in the mountains. We used structured materials that make it seem as if the house arises from the rocky hillside.

The next concept project, realized with Tubądzin, was a proposed bus-stop as a city sculpture, which on the one hand arises from the concrete surroundings, but on the other hand brings with it freshness in the shape of a green roof and slanted walls. An important, if not the most important aspect of our designs is its functionality, which forms the basis of the shape. Even the most unrealistic designs, should have function at its base and be in perfect harmony with it.

Quite often, our works are a combination of psychology and tarot cards… Only after the correct analysis of the client’s needs, are we able to create the space they actually need. In many cases, the initial vision already exists in the minds of the investors, but it is up to us, the architects, to make that vision a reality. Having a conscious dialogue with the investor allows us to take all the bits of information and make use them as a base for each project.



Adam Żarczyński – born in 1983, architect, graduate from the Poznan University of Technology, Architecture. Founder and owner of studio FDA Architekci, operational since 2009.

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