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In July 2021, the Tubądzin Group attended Vezha International Festival of Architecture and Art in Lviv. During these events, we implemented the topic of Recovery & Interdependence as part of the Tubądzin Arena project. At that time, we had the pleasure of interviewing Olga Kleitman, a Ukrainian-born architect and designer.

– In your opinion, is architecture creating a model of a better future? What is most important to you in architectural projects?

– I believe that architecture is making people better.  Consequently people are creating future. The most important for me in architectural projects are simplicity and environmental friendliness.

– You work with a team of designers on a daily basis. What do you think is most important in teamwork? 

–  My team is my family. For me everything is important: communication, creativity, responsibility. Sometimes I get disappointed thoughts.

– You regularly participate in architectural competitions. Which competition project so far do you consider extremely important and why?

– We have a competition project named Amarant waterfront. In my opinion, it is a modern ecological project inspired by the surrounding lakes. We believe and hope that this project will be implemented.

– If at this point, we could move to some well-designed space. Which place on earth, building, public space will you choose? Is it a space where you feel good?

– I love Ukraine and feel good here. Ukrainian Carpathians is such a peaceful place to recharge after my hectic rush work.

Architect, designer, CEO of SBM Studio. I was born in Ukraine in 1969. All my relatives were mathematicians, when I had decided to be an architect, my father lock me out. 

And I graduated from Karazin University with a degree in mathematics. After that, I was working as a teacher in a military academy. But 4 years later I decided to change my profession, and graduated from City Academy and became an architect. Both degrees are helping me to solve daily problems with current projects.

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