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Many architects and designers draw inspiration from nature when creating their concepts. An important element of any is the color that influences the human being. Colors affect us on different levels. They also affect our physiology – the warmer the color, the greater the stimulating effect on the body. They also have a symbolic meaning – the meaning we assign to color is related to our worldview and the culture in which we live.

The colors that appear in the interiors of private spaces are associated with the recognition of customer needs. In these projects from four different countries in Europe and Asia, these needs turned out to be similar. The architects proposed a  based on the subdued colors of the sunset.

The architects presented various ways of arranging a bathroom using the Cielo e Terra collection. What these projects have in common is primarily the type of space. These are private bathrooms – spaces for relaxation and satisfying basic human needs. The common element is also the choice of pastel colors but used in a variety of ways. Some of them are the main color theme in the interior, while others are only a color accent.

The Cielo e terra collection is designed for the Tubądzin Group by Dorota Koziara, designer, artist, and interior architect. This collection is in harmony with the Polish landscape.

This color palette delicately reflects the subdued Polish landscape. It consists of 4 colors of the earth and 4 colors of the sky, and additionally pink, which is located somewhere on the border between heaven and earth. Calm earth tones look great in a  by Natalia Morozova.

In this article, we presented the projects that architects and designers submitted to the Tubądzin Design Awards. All of them have been featured and published in the TDA Inspiration Catalogue. We encourage you to participate in subsequent editions of the competition, as well as to publish your projects on the Tubądzin Community website. Please email us if you are interested in publishing your realization. We are happy to share your creations with the international community.



Barbara Wójcik (Poland) BSC Projekt 

Natalia Morozova (Russian Federation) 

Mariia Chernukha (Ukraine) 

Ekaterina Amatova i Stanislav Tsoy (Kyrgyzstan) 

Tubądzin collection used in projects:  Cielo e Terra 

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