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CAD projekt_

Practical knowledge related to design, news from the interior industry and inspiring conversations about design. And all in friendly spaces with modern architecture!

Tubądzin is the meeting partner.

Find out more and sign up for training:

Why is it worth it? a large dose of knowledge, a nice gift, delicious lunch, coffee and something sweet, an opportunity to exchange experiences. Let’s meet in 6 cities in Poland.

The next meeting: 28.10.22 Gdańsk – Radisson Hotel

On the agenda of the speakers from the Tubądzin Group:

  • Ewa Kryszkiewicz – Develop your path, Tubądzin Design Awards  and Tubądzin Design Community
  • Tomasz Smus Novelties of the Tubądzin collection: a creative way of designing a collection
  • Krzysztof Kulig Q&A, the most technical questions you can ask for accomplishments
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