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Interior design, and architecture, are fields of art that have an educational role in society nowadays. Elements of culture introduced into the space of everyday life, a modern form touching on current topics of the 21st century appear in interior architecture projects creating a dialogue with the viewer of the space.

Important issues raised by architects in the projects submitted to the competition are climate change, and gender equality, about which they talk in architectural language through concepts and realizations.

Such projects were submitted to the competition in the CultureFORM special category.

In this category, architects, designers and artists have the opportunity to present their concepts inspired by the culture of space. We present to you today two projects submitted to the second stage of this competition.

author: Katarzyna Biała, Poland, Mossmoss studio

The “Climate Change Center” project will be housed in a revitalized post-industrial facility. The authors want to bring back to life an abandoned and degraded part of the city. Cooperation with the local community will be particularly important in the project.

author: Katarzyna Biała, Poland, Mossmoss studio

We are involved in campaigns to address the effects of climate change in Polish cities. Our mission is to show how huge the climate crisis is. For a long time, we have been trying to take an active part in the de-concentration and greening of cities. We prepare social projects that show how simple it is to change the cities we live in. Our next step is the creation of the Center for Climate Change. – writes architect Katarzyna Biała of the Mossmoss studio in Wroclaw.

author: Katarzyna Biała, Poland, Mossmoss studio

It will be a unique place on the map of Wroclaw, combining environmental education with a modern form of multimedia presentation. The priority of the Center’s operation will be to counteract climate catastrophe through education and the promotion of the idea of sustainable development.

“We want to use technology and the latest interactive solutions to show how dangerous climate change is and how much it affects human life. By educating, we will be able to teach the new generation how to mitigate and adapt to climate change.  We envision thematic zones and periodic temporary exhibitions. In the thematic zones, you will be able to relax surrounded by plants, and breathe fresh air. We will teach about the effects of climate change, and in the Garden zone, we are planning artistic activities and meetings,” further writes architect Katarzyna Biala of the Mossmoss studio in Wroclaw.

For the project, the architect chose ceramic tiles MONOLITH – Grand Cave.

Another project with an educational dimension is the concept of Australian architect Evelyn Wijaya. The Unspoken is a project for the adaptation of an abandoned power plant in Sydney.

author: Evelyn Wijaya, Australia

It is an exhibition facility that includes thematic tracks addressing issues such as promoting awareness, recognition and understanding of gender inequality and unrealistic expectations of the body through the lens of fashion.

author: Evelyn Wijaya, Australia

“The project aims to redefine the social norm regarding the shape of the human body and gender inequality. It is aimed at celebrating different body forms and neutralizing gender.  These are then translated into different spatial experiences, from a journey into the unknown, to an overwhelming labyrinth-like experience, a moment of reverie, to a moment of celebration and hope for a better future,” – says the author.

The project symbolically depicts the objective treatment of the human body through playful metaphors. A look at the issues of gender inequality and unrealistic body expectations placed on both men and women of the past and present.

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