The third is the next edition of the international competition for architects, designers and students.

again has a chance to release the creative potential that lies dormant in architects and designers. The watchwords of the edition were #nature, #future and #freedom, which were to accompany each submitted project.

#nature is the art of designing a space that blends in with its surroundings.

#future because the future belongs to you! Creating space has an impact not only on the present, but also on the lives of future generations.

#freedom is freedom limited by the creator himself or herself and his or her imagination. We give you a wide range of possibilities, which can be used in an inspiring, unconventional and responsible manner.

The future is now!

FutureNow is an additional category within the third edition of the TDA. It was created for the future that has just arrived! The situation related to forced social isolation due to COVID-19, changed the current working life and also changed the way people think about designing functional places. The task of architects and designers was to  a space that perfectly reflects the mobility between work and private life, which we experience every day.

The main inspiration for creating projects were spaces that combine the functionality of the workplace and everyday life. Every industry, specialist or family, needs a personalised space to function. We did not define the type of space, however, what is important is its functionality, aesthetics and meeting the challenges of the future!


Boris Kudlička

chair of the jury, scenographer, interior and exposition designer

Małgorzata Szczepańska

editor-in-chief of Elle Decoration

Oksana Shumelda

architect, designer, co-founder and creative mentor of the studio “O.M.Shumelda”

Martin Duplantier

architect, urban designer, Founder of Martin Duplantier Architectes SAS

Tomasz Smus

architect of Tubądzin Group


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