The 4th edition of the is a new edition of the international competition for architects, designers and students.

Our contest is an attempt to capture what is most important to us – the creative potential of architects, planners and designers.

Our goal is to build a community that follows the challenges imposed by modern times, while being able to meet global challenges.

For this reason, in the 4th edition we focus on:
#life #cultre #human.

#life is a series of interdependent processes

#culture it’s everything that makes us human and connects us across differences

#human is a deep awareness of our needs and an attempt to respond to them

special category - CultureFORM!

Space of inspiration – Culture of surroundings

CultureFORM is a special category of the 4th Tubądzin Awards!

Recent years have highlighted the importance of space in social life, which is why we would like to devote a separate category to the culture of space.

Our mission is to build and rebuild space in order to highlight the creative process and emphasize the essence of experiencing culture.

Culture needs space

CultureFORM is about the essence of #life #culture #human and creating spaces for them.

Culture brings us inspiration, so we decided to create a category to express it!