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Once again, we had the opportunity to co-facilitate competence development workshops for designers and architects as a Key Partner of the project “Cad Project Design: a well-designed day in your city”.

Already 6 cities behind us, and another 10 are ahead of us.

During the workshops, we cover topics from both product innovations of companies, solutions and tools, design topics, technological changes, macro-economic changes and what has changed a lot in the last two years, i.e. client decisions.

Our team provides a wide range of knowledge.

Each city opens up new topics, new questions, new inspirations.

It turns out that the problems of the world are multifaceted, requiring new approaches, unusual solutions, being in the flow of the latest technologies more than ever before.

In addition, elements of global economic changes are entering, which are significantly changing customer decisions. The balance of power is changing.

This is where dilemmas and questions arise: how to continue to run the company, what to focus your activities and energies on, how to adapt to the expectations of a client navigating the world of VR and modern technology at a very high level of agility.

We talk to designers and architects carefully, with care, touching on topics from the stage of creation and working with the client, emerging modern technologies to execution and dealing with daily execution and implementation difficulties.

There are more cities ahead of us, more meetings and interesting conversations.

We are for you and with you dear designers and architects.

The next cities are:
Warsaw, Wroclaw, Olsztyn, Łódź, Poznań, Opole, Częstochowa, Zielona Góra, Kielce, Toruń, Rzeszów.

You are welcome!

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