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This year’s week in Milano showed visitors a new version of inspirations, in line with restrictions regarding COVID-19.

Rather that being organized in dozens of halls, the exhibition took place on a smaller scale, which created a climate that allowed time for getting to know the companies’ offers more precisely as well as for discussions and staying dedicated areas. There were special islands for relaxation and spaces for meeting with experts during conferences. 

On the stands one could feel the special care for details. The exhibition took place on a smaller scale, presenting human ideas transferred into things. It was rather quiet in the city, the exhibitioners moved to the elegant Brera quarter, which is part of Centro Storico, as well as to Via Tortona.

The winners of the ’20 competition were there with us. The prize for the winners of the final, among other prizes, was a trip to Salone del Mobile in Milano.

We visited, admired the exhibitions and we made every effort to ensure that our Winners – fantastic architects, as part of the award they won, could experience the full atmosphere of the Milan fair by visiting venues at the fair and beyond.
The full sanitary regime did not prevent us from experiencing this extraordinary Milanese elegance and energy.
We interacted with the Culture of Surroundings in its best forms.
A visit to Superstudio Piu and a conversation with Gisella Borioli was a special experience. The message to the world was presented: together we are able to do much more.

Time to explore places that cannot be missed, days full of inspiring points on the map, and very emotional conversations among our team have built a fantastic team.
We also reached the extraordinary Bosco Verticale building designed by the world-famous architect Stefano Boeri. The building amazed everyone, it is remarkable in all its idea.

We also had the pleasure of visiting Dorota Koziara’s studio, where she works and creates new projects.

Our team of architects of the winners was multicultural, but with a similar sensitivity to the world. Increasingly needed sensitivity in creating human spaces.

Our laureates with whom we had the pleasure of making this trip:
Adam Żarczyński, Aleksandra Ankiewicz, Maria Dobrovolskaya
Kuznetsov Valerii, Kateryna Kuznetsov
Romana Grushchynska, Olha Kazmiruk, Olha Tysyak

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