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Diverse textures, irregular shapes of ceramic tiles or decorative mosaics are decorations that complement the interior of any living space. They are a detail that catches the eye and increases the attractiveness of the surfaces. Architects and designers who used various textures in their projects submitted to the Tubądzin Awards competition know this very well. Today we present you some of them.

In this project, the Polish architect aimed to transform the bathroom in such a way as to improve its functional layout. The designer focused on modern solutions, including the so-called walk-in shower, which, as a solution without a shower tray, emphasizes a uniform floor made of Monolith – Torano ceramic tiles throughout the room. The wet shower area is separated from the rest of the bathroom by custom-made ceiling glass.

Author: Łucja Zielińska (Poland)

The colours used – greens, greys, whites, browns – are supposed to calm down and relax. The arrangement also includes masks hanging on the walls, symbolizing long journeys.

Author: Aleksander Berg (Ukraine)

In the next implementation, a significant role is played by a clear accent in the form of a dark wall, which, due to its 3D structure, is a plane for the play of light and shade. The collection – Tubądzin created by Maciej Zień – Scoria, chosen by the architect for this place, is a background for a free-standing bathtub, which transforms the bathroom space into a bathing room.

Small ceramic tiles or mosaics also decorate kitchen spaces. The architect found a perfect place for them above the kitchen counter. The fine pattern of the Arte-Bellante mosaic subtly fits into the classic style of the kitchen. At the client’s request, she introduced an “angelic” atmosphere into the interior using appropriate colours, materials and appropriate aesthetic solutions. The “angelic” interior had to be classic with a few modern solutions. That is why in the bathroom, apart from the tiles that are the base and decoration, there is also printed glass.

Author: Joanna Ochota (Poland)

In this article, we presented the projects that architects and designers submitted to us in the Tubądzin Design Awards competition. All of them have been featured and published in the TDA Inspiration Catalog. We encourage you to participate in subsequent editions of the competition, as well as to publish your projects on the Tubądzin Design Community website.

Please write to us, if you want to publish your project and share your creations with the international community.


Łucja Zielińska, Poland

Alexander Berg, Ukraine

Joanna Ochota, Poland

Discover the amazing mosaics from the Tubądzin collection created by Maciej Zień- Boho, proposed by the fashion and interior designer – Maciej Zień.

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