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At this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan, organizers have reserved a large space for “light” manufacturers. That’s just the way to put it.

The Euroluce pavilions, darkened in the passageways, opened up a whole range of experiences for visitors, depending on the space in which they were located.

There was no dominance of one direction in the solutions offered by manufacturers. Although if one were to look at the various exhibitions, one could say that the idea was images reflected on the walls thanks to beautifully designed lamps.

That’s the way to put it, the fair provided many visual experiences, playing games and playing with light using modern technology to illustrate the common dependence of the lighting, furniture, carpet, wallpaper and wallcovering industries. Even the smells…

Photo: Ewa Kryszkiewicz

All industries communicated with each other using the language of interdependence in achieving the final result….

Photo: Ewa Kryszkiewicz

Euroluce, is a biennial international lighting exhibition, which at the intersection of technology and poetry, architecture and design, is a source of inspiration in the full sense of the word, and their heart is the product designed by the designer.


Nao Tamura, a Japanese designer, talked about light and its importance for humans in an unusual way during the conference. The theme of the conference was “Interconnection,” a direction that is necessary today….

Photo: Ewa Kryszkiewicz

Light is best shown. Take a journey through the images/photographs collected during the fair by the Tubądzin Community.

Author of the publication

Ewa Kryszkiewicz

Manager of development and cooperation with architects

Tubądzin Group

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