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The show of the well-known fashion designer Maciej Zień, during which his Bloom collection premiered, took place on November 24, 2022, inside the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. The event stood out not only for its phenomenal creations but also for its unusually elaborate set design. The event was decorated with Balance Stone large-format plates with a classic twist. The collection created by the designer for the Tubądzin Group attracted the eyes and attention of guests, who eagerly took photos against its background.

Balance Stone is a line inspired by a fascinating variety of Portuguese marble – Alpine. Bright colours and subtle grey-beige veining create a harmonious composition that brings gentleness and calmness to the interiors. This is exactly what the designer wanted.

– The inspiration for the latest Bloom collection comes from my trip to Paris, which I love for its unique atmosphere and unique approach to art. I was just walking past my favourite hotel Costes when I saw an incredibly beautiful bouquet. It continually came back to me. They were roses in various shades of yellow, orange, pink and red. Together they formed a fabulous composition, which I decided to inspire the spring-summer collection. – explains Maciej Zień.

– I wanted the Bloom collection to be properly exposed and its character further emphasized. – Maciej Zień says. – Thanks to Balance Stone tiles, this was achieved flawlessly. The line I created has craftsmanship and brilliance that perfectly matched the concept of not only the entire event but also my favourite motifs. – he explains.

The hallmark of Maciej Zień’s creations is ephemerality and neutral colours. The designer has accustomed us to a wide range of beiges and whites, fine materials and sophisticated designs, which provide a wide range of styling possibilities. Balance Stone tiles also share inspiration from nature with the Bloom collection. During the show, the monumentality of the stone was finely combined with the subtlety of the roses that the designer saw during his recent trip to Paris. This provided an extraordinary visual effect that worked on the imagination of the guests. One had the impression that the plants were climbing up the rocks, creating perfect unity.

– The Bloom collection is filled with joie de vivre and freedom that flows directly from nature – just like the Balance Stone ceramic tiles. I would like everyone to find something in it for themselves. That is why it is so diverse and multidimensional. I often used natural, noble materials, which – like ceramics – are an extremely graceful field. – concludes the designer.

The gentleness of the cream marble of the Balance Stone line is balanced by an artful geometric mosaic. The decor is in the shape of a regular pattern, which further emphasizes the beauty of the stone. Balance Stone will go well with accessories in any style.

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