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There are many awards in Tubądzin Awards. No wonder that the competition attracts the attention of young, ambitious architects. In the Young Power category, they could win internships in the best architectural offices in Europe. There were 3 places – Lviv, Paris, and Warsaw. Today, we would like to tell you more about the realization of this award in Lviv.

Firstly, short information about architectural office – O. M. Shumelda Studio. It was founded by Oksana and Maryan Shumelda in 2004. Oksana Shumelda is an artist, the designer, the studio projects’ supervisor and a member of the union of designers. She is also a jury member in Tubądzin Awards 2020. Her husband – Maryan Shumelda is a director of the studio.

Our projects of buildings are based on their internal structure of interior, our projects lead to asymmetry or symmetry of exterior content. With the usage of new materials our architects try to overcome unemotional rationalism of building techniques, our designers also apply creative, interesting ideas. Successfully finished project is a strong stimulus to search for something new and interesting  – Oksana tells Tubądzin Community

Now we are moving to Moldova for an interview with the winner of the 3rd edition of Tubądzin Awards – Diana Crestian. She is a winner in Young Power – a category dedicated to students of the profiled majors as architecture, interior design or design. Diana will tell us about the realisation of the award, which was the Internship at the architecture studio O.M.Shumelda in Lviv, Ukraine and how she sharpened her skills under the eyes of Oksana Shumelda.

– Internship in Lviv. Impressions. What did you learned in Lviv? What was the biggest challenge during internship?
– I had the opportunity to collaborate with wonderful people in the and architecture studio O.M. Shumelda. I strongly believe in encounters: encounters with people, with artists and with places. Nothing is there by chance. I had a great master that shared with me her philosophy about architecture, design and places in general. I had a unique chance to discuss a poetical vision of the world and take part of a great team. These three weeks in Lviv I learned how to listen carefully, raise wise questions and try to understand the chemistry between architect and clients. 

In my trip to Lviv I also had a chance to be a volunteer at VEZHA International Festival of Architecture and Arts which traditionally takes place in Lviv, was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence and was called “Form of [NOT] dependence”. The main events of the festival were held in different locations of the city of Lviv and Svirzh Castle. On the territory of the Svirzh Castle, there was a competition of installations. The Castle turned into an architectural and art residence. We had interesting excursion to the implemented objects of some and architectural studios. They discussed about socio-urban projects and about proper restoration of historical buildings.

An important part of Festival was competition between architectural and studios of Ukraine that was organized by Tubądzin, and an excellent Lecture-presentation of Ewa Kryszkiewicz

I am honored and deeply thankful Tubądzin to give me the chance to be part of such a great architectural community.

– Do you find competition like Tubądzin Design Awards as important in architecture careeer? Do you recommend other architects to take part in next edition of TDA?
– Yes, for sure. Taking part of different competitions gives you in the first experience, it takes you out of your comfort zone, give you skills in a particular field.

– Tell us more about your winning project. What was your inspiration for this project?
– This project was a part of my Bachelor Diploma. It is an old building of a cinema in my hometown that should have a renovation. The cinema expresses a point of view, a vision of the world, an ideology, which in turn exists in a certain social context. The protection of cultural heritage implies the understanding of the structure / characteristics of the historical urban space and the identification of adequate procedures for the elaboration of an intervention project for historical monuments of individual and ensemble object category. Design is the most important stage in the process of creating a future installation. The city does not have a cultural center, a theater in which to combine activities for young people, and to avoid the degradation of the building in the central area of the city, it is proposed to apply innovative ideas to the design of this room.

– If at this point, we could move to some well-designed space. Which place on earth, building, public space will you choose? Is it a space where you feel good?
– I consider a well-designed space Norwegian architecture. Natural Philosophy embraces levels of concept, construction, but also ecological way of living and traditional materials. People try to return to nature and have a deep connection to it.

– What challenges are you looking for in the architecture field as young architect?
– In architecture, I am looking for a different point of view. Each project teaches me that every projects reflect and materialize client’s emotions and that thing inspires me and tell me about what values for real. Architecture is embedded in broader perspectives like culture and is shaped by ideas current at any time. Architecture provides functional and technical solutions but is also a practical answer to philosophical questions.

Diana Crestian –  Architect graduated from the Technical University of Moldova in the field Architecture and Urban Planning. The attraction for aesthetics, art and design comes also from the art school where I studied. Always was interested in different projects of volunteering and self-development. Active person that use artistic vision to create healthy and aesthetically pleasing environments. Passionate and committed to interiors, with a strong focus on detail and communication. Having communication experience with people of different backgrounds and a good knowledge of the quality of customer service.

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