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A few months ago, there was no sign that we would start living in the face of a threat, the cancellation of many plans, and existential stress. Suddenly we realized that we fell asleep in one world, and we woke up in a completely different, unknown world, and what for many of us seemed necessary in that other world had become irrelevant in this new one.

We understood that, no matter how we find ourselves in a pandemic situation, we simply have got a crisis ahead of us, for which most of us are unprepared. Will it be just an economic, personality or emotional crisis or something else still? The next days, months, years will show us. One thing is certain, everything that until now has been constant and obvious has become changeable.

We began to realize that even the smallest decisions we make have an impact on the quality of our life and of life of future generations. I would like to believe that the problems connected with conscious design, development and environmental protection that are being emphasized by many people today are sincere and true, and that the word “sustainable” will not become just a “key” word in the future. After all, this is what happened with the buzzword ‘design’, which is now used to describe both poor-quality items, as well as full-value, well-thought-out and designed down to the smallest detail projects. I would like us to create interiors and objects around us in a more conscious way, so that they would be really functional, timeless (and this does not mean that they are devoid of finesse and artistic spirit), open to real needs, and not subordinated only to thoughtless mass consumption. I wish we could live in this new reality in a minimalist way, yet as comfortable as possible, in harmony with nature and ourselves. Surrounded by beautiful, good-quality and only necessary things. So has this time given us something? Each of us will find out at his own cost. However, it cannot be denied that this situation has given many of us time to think, reflect, and sometimes to get to know ourselves all over again. It’s time for changes.
Of course, I wish that they were only good, even if sometimes they are paid with sorrow or disappointment. I leave you with your own, I wish … I wish …

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