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In November, we met with architects twice as part of the autumn edition of the Tubądzin Architect Academy workshops, which are part of the T-Academy program

It is a dynamic, creative and multidisciplinary business workshop for architects. Workshops combining knowledge in the field of design, market novelties and psychology in business.

A group of designers and architects had the opportunity to see the modern Ceramika Tubądzin III factory located in Sieradz, where they got acquainted with one of the most modern technologies in the production of ceramic tiles.

Guests broadened their knowledge and willingly asked questions, thanks to which they learned about the wide range of technological possibilities implemented in Ceramika Tubądzin III.

They also learned about the new products of the Tubądzin company, which the architect of the brand, Tomasz Smus, told them about. It is a meeting full of inspiration and in response to market needs.

The Architect Academy is a combination of the latest, effective knowledge with practice, passion and commitment, as well as business workshops dedicated to architects, led by Ewa Kryszkiewicz, Manager of the Development and Cooperation with Architects Department, providing designers with effective tools for working with clients.

The variability of the environment and the desire to constantly develop our community of architects provoke us to create more valuable programs. Together with our guests, we discussed the current needs of the designer market, including the proposed new technological solutions, market trends and the needs that are at the basis of customer decisions. – says Ewa Kryszkiewicz.

We would like to thank our guests for their active participation in the event.

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