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The ceremonial inauguration of the Academic Year /2023 at the University of Technology and Commerce is behind us. Helena Chodkowska in Warsaw, which took place on 5, 2022. Guests, including the Tubądzin Group and the academic community, were welcomed by Rector Dr Justyna Żylińska. Then, the matriculation of students starting the first year of studies at UTH in Warsaw took place. H. Chodkowska’s University of Technology and Commerce, thanks to the offer of technical, managerial and economic faculties, is a unique university in the country, which focuses on practice, provides its students with a solid education, and thus supports the competencies needed at the start of professional life.

“Dear Students, I wish you not to stop looking for answers to all questions, that you cultivate a hunger for knowledge, the desire to learn new things, and that you wisely and effectively use all your failures, chances and opportunities” – greeted the new students JM Rector.

Students took the oath and received symbolic decisions on admission to studies, after which Gaudeamus igitur, so recognizable at the inauguration of the academic year, sounded. Maciej Gorący, president of the UTH Student Self-Government, addressed a few words to the students.

An inaugural lecture entitled “Protection of the customs territory of the European Union as a task of the National Revenue Administration ensuring economic security and market protection” was conducted by Grzegorz Kozłowski, Director of the Customs Department at the Ministry of Finance.

The guests and partners of UTH took the floor, followed by the culminating moment of the ceremony…


Three strikes with the sceptre sounded, after which Her Magnificence Rector recognized the academic year /2023 as open, and in the last act of the ceremony, Gaude Mater Polonia resounded.

UTH creates an academic community that sets itself ambitious challenges striving to achieve both individual and social goals aimed at achieving success and satisfaction from created projects and professional work. UTH students of interior take an active part in the competition, which lasts until November 30, 2022.

Joint projects that the university implements with business partners give a unique opportunity to come into contact with the profession and its practical aspects from early studies until graduation. Already in December 2022, UTH students will participate in classes dedicated to students organized by the Tubądzin Group in a modern ceramic plate factory – Ceramika Tubądzin III in Sieradz.

UTH is constantly increasing the number of social, local government and business partners joined by the Tubądzin Group to jointly provide a solid foundation for educating students, for whom it is a very important element of practical education. The Tubądzin Group has always combined three worlds: Culture-Architecture-Business, which you can read about in the article.

We wish students a fantastic start to the new academic year and lots of inspiration!

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