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We take a peek into the studio of Maciej Zień, where the designer talks about the creative process and the challenges that accompany it. Find out how he designs. See what the process of preparing a collection looks like, where he gets his inspiration from and what the backstage of fashion shows looks like.

– Designing is a very complex task. First comes the inspiration, based on which I create sketches. Then we sew the creations, choose the models, makeup and hairstyle for each of them. But an equally important part of working on a new line is the place where it is shown. This time the setting is my Balance Stone tiles, designed for Tubądzin Group. I think they are the perfect backdrop for the rich color fever and floral style. So I needed something that would tone down and calm the surroundings, which are also expressive in themselves. – Zień says.

The designer has been associated with the Tubądzin Group for years. His recent tile lines: Boho, Sophisticated or Balance Stone bring harmony and a touch of classic beauty to interiors. Precisely because of the gentleness of the stone patterns and subtle colors, Balance Stone will become the centerpiece of the Bloom collection show. A neutral white-gray background inspired by the Portuguese marble of Alpine will allow the vivid colors of the featured styles to be exposed. It is also a tribute to the long history of the Zień brand famous for its creations kept in subdued, very delicate colors.

Maciej Zień has been interested in since childhood. He created his first sketches while still in elementary school. Today, his brand signed with a characteristic scarab has a group of admirers all over the world. Just like the large-format tiles, he designs for the Tubądzin Group.

– Designing tiles gives me a breather. While creating sketches, I can relax, unwind and use fashion to create more interesting designs on ceramics. I like the fact that I can then move into a different world, with a completely different emotional charge. – Zień says.

Inspired by flowers, the Bloom collection is the latest creation of Maciej Zień. The subtlety of the materials reflects an impressionistic view of the surrounding reality, while the wide colour palette introduces a touch of nonchalance. The film, which was prepared by Tubądzin Group, allows us to look not only behind the scenes of the show. Among other things, the artist tells viewers how he works, what inspires him and what makes his designs unique.
Read more about the show and see the film.

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