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On 6 December we had an inspirational meeting with world famous artist and representative of fantastic realism Mr Wojciech Siudmak, who lives and works in Paris, at the Ceramica Tubądzin III factory in Sieradz.


We talked with the great artist whose works have been an inspiration for Denis Villeneuve for the creation of the scenography for the film “Dune”.

„The Tubądzin Group wishes to congratulate you on the huge success linked to the film Dune, directed by Denis Villeneuve, who was inspired by your graphic art…” – Amadeusz Kowalski, Vice President of the Tubądzin Group

„It has always been an important cooperation, an intelligent cooperation. Working with Denis Villeneuve was very important to me and was intellectually enriching. Denis already as a child was inspired by the book “Dune” and the graphics of which I was the author and he dreamed about realizing such a project one day. I worked on many other productions during my carreer as an artist. Over the past 30 years my drawings have found their way to many book covers…” – Wojciech Siudmak

Our guest was invited to the presentation of the modern technological line that was added to our decoration department. He will be creating graphics that, thanks to the new possibilities will be printed on our tiles.

You were the witness of the implementation of our modern technological line for unique decoration of our tiles. This line will print on large format tiles even up to 120x275cm. The printing possibilities are limitless regarding the palette of colours, structures, metallic and silver and gold decorations. Our company will have the production possibility that allows your drawings to find their way into the homes of our customers…” – Vice President of the Tubądzin Group

„I would call it an artistic base, structure with unlimited colours, it’s an artistic space for creation, you can no longer speak about it as a tile. There are no better options for the realization of such plans as those that I had the pleasure seeing today…” – Wojciech Siudmak

From the left, Amadeusz Kowalski, Vice President of the Management Board of Tubądzin Group and Wojciech Siudmak. Tubądzin photography.

The interview also touched the topic of the mission of the artist in his carreer, the meaning of imagination in the life of a human, their knowledge of culture and the meaning of elders in teaching imagination to younger generations.

The world that supplies us with unlimited quantities of information has an impact on young generations, the way culture is build and on what is important and needed.

„Architecture is responsible for providing the next generation with beautiful things in the best possible quality of the surroundings, so that they don’t lose the possibility of imagination and development of creativity. What you are doing as a company in the near future will be looking every day at something beautiful, like looking at nature. New pictures, new inspirations.
Furthermore, what architects will be doing with spaces allows allow people to disconnect from the digital world going to every day life, however, at a new level of esthetics and beauty…”
– Wojciech Siudmak.

Overwhelmed with content that is far from the fundaments of building culture of surroundings we are moving with our heads down, gazing at our smartphones looking for the latest news, quick info, dopamine providers. Immediately after, we already forget about it and we are in need of the next news in order to maintain the high level of pleasure that information provides us with.

Culture of surroundings requires us to stop for a moment, meet people for whom it is created and focus on details and functions of the offered content.

„We already had the huge pleasure of cooperating with you when creating a space that impacted the imagination of inhabitants and bringing them joy from your works, every day. I’m talking about the façade of the building at Wieckowski street in Łódź. Each of the tiles is a picture in itself…” – Ewa Kryszkiewicz, Manager of the Development Department and Cooperation with Architects.

„Manager of the development department and cooperation with architects…” – Wojciech Siudmak.

During the meeting we talk about the generations, creating and building good practices in communication of art.

We invite you to see and hear the interview with the master, bringing a moment of rest and reflection, which bring an unprecedented portion of inspiration. Inspiration regarding unique things and what they need to continue to exist.


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