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An architect’s goal is usually to create a functional, aesthetically pleasing space that offers users a true sense of well-being. Interior is of great importance, especially in a sensitive context such as a healthcare facility. In them, it is important to provide users with a calming atmosphere that offsets the accompanying stress. That’s why interior design projects for the medical industry deserve special attention. Choices of high-quality products, including ceramic tiles, contribute to the key mission of medical facilities to take care of patients.

In a dental clinic in Sieradz, designers have chosen large-format tiles from the Cielo e Terra collection – they are located in the corridors, reception area, as well as in offices. In this way, the clinic’s interiors provide users with high comfort and friendly conditions. The white color becomes a natural choice for spaces that we associate with sterility and quality.

Modern style skillfully combines a variety of structures, colors, and trends. So it’s no surprise that it often features commercial premises. Here, the designers decided to subtly break the neutral white and black, introducing into the interior elements with textures reminiscent of wood and stone.

Author: FDA Architekci

The Interior is subdued, elegant, modern, and useful. We present the of the interior of a public utility – a dental office.  We are all aware of the importance of interior design for the comfort of living spaces and user experience. In this realization, the architect relied on tiles from the Monolith – Torano collection, which break the stereotypical approach to an all-white interior for medical purposes. The introduced grays give the interior a feeling of greater coziness. A subdued palette of materials, as well as attention to proper lighting in the waiting room and offices, make the spaces bright and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Author: Maka Studio, Aleksandra Kurc

The of the gynecology clinic includes representative parts of the waiting room with a reception area, as well as patient bathrooms and offices. The architect opted for white intuitively associated with medical professionalism, broken by dynamic colors.

“The theme of the project was to relate the decor of the clinic to the history of the place in which it is located – Toruń. Hence the appearing circles and orbits, or geometric maps of stars. The is dominated by two strong colors: fuchsia and orange. They are softened by light blue and gray as a background. White furnishings stand out against the strong color scheme, introducing order and regularity. The sanitary rooms are divided by color, but on a common base – the lunar surface of the concrete.”

In this article, we have introduced you to various realizations including two submitted by architects and designers in the Tubądzin Design Awards competition. We encourage you to participate in future editions of the competition and publish your realizations on the Tubądzin Community website. Write to us if you would like to publish your project and share your work with the international community. You can find contact in the footer of the website 

FDA Architekci
Maka Studio, Aleksandra Kurc

Tubądzin collections used in the projects:
Monolith – Grand Cave
Monolith – Cielo e Terra
Korzilius – Mountain Ash
Monolith – Epoxy
Monolith – Torano

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