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An idyllic style in which simplicity plays the leading role? Or maybe a boho delightful with its lightness and ethnic motifs? These conventions are easily combined, bringing surprising arrangement results.

In the third episode of the series Open the door for Tubądzin, viewers have a unique opportunity to visit the recording studio of Katarzyna Bosacka – the host of programs such as “Wiem, co jem” or “Eko Bosacka”. The production space in which the “Eko Bosacka” program is carried out has been finished with Tubądzin tiles from the collection by Maciej Zień. In the latest episode of the series Open the door for Tubądzin, however, we look not only into the recording space but also behind the scenes.

In the kitchen, where the photos are taken, there is a phenomenal Timeless collection reminiscent of wood panelling typical of the Provencal style. The floors feature stoneware tiles from the Wood collection, perfectly reflecting the natural wood pattern. Idyllic aesthetics is also classic elegance – simple, without unnecessary decorations. This is exactly what the Timeless collection is like introducing a Provencal color to the interior. Broken whites and structures referring to traditional panelling or panelling make the space permeate with a unique atmosphere of French freshness, where nature can fully settle down.

The bathroom uses Boho tiles with a blue mosaic motif that filled the shower space. The blue mosaic structure optically enlarges the space, creating a sense of depth and multidimensionality. In combination with classic white accessories, the tiles look extremely beautiful.

Boho is a style that is experiencing a renaissance and returns to the salons in a big way. Lightness, reference to ethno motifs or hippie culture brings a bit of mystery and a hint of ephemerality to the interior, inspiring you to look for new impressions and discover your own emotions. Today, when modernity is at the fore, we often lack naturalness. No wonder the group of boho freedom supporters in interiors is still growing. Artistry, comfort and holiday play – are the most important features of this aesthetic.

Programs conducted by Katarzyna Bosacka attract thousands of viewers to the screens. The TV studio where he records them has been refined down to the smallest detail.

– The studio of the ecology program should be finished by itself and equipped with nature-friendly elements. That is why I chose ceramics for the walls and floors – a product that fits into the eco convention and is made in harmony with nature. The tiles on the walls in the kitchen are extremely interesting – it’s hard to believe that it is not wood but ceramics! The effect we managed to achieve perfectly suits my personality. – says Katarzyna Bosacka.

In each episode of Open the door for Tubądzin, we look with a camera at magnificent houses, apartments and studios, designed from A to Z, decorated with products from Ceramika Tubądzin. We learn what was the inspiration to create such fancy interiors, and we also get to know the profiles of our heroes.

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Both in the presented series Open the door for Tubądzin and on the Tubądzin Community website, we put the human creator in the foreground. We encourage architects of our community to participate in this cycle. Become the hero of the next episode.

Contact: Ewa Kryszkiewicz, Development and Cooperation with Architects Manager

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