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The task of the contestants, working in one or two person teams, will be to prepare a proposal, in the shape of model, for a public or living space, which will result in building strong and healthy communities.

These well-designed spaces can be, amongst others, housing estates or cultural, recreational or retail spaces. Residents and users of the estates should find here an environment with possibilities of creating communal leisure areas, which shape they will have an impact on. The projects should promote the creation of requirements for healing new generations.

For each project it is important that the surrounding elements influence the generational interdependence of the residents, by utilizing their potential, knowledge and skills. The result of living in such a place should be the obtainment of strong bonds among the inhabitants and use of available knowledge and experiences as well as the use of technology for increasing human wellbeing and recycling of natural resources.

Effect: A place that influences the creation of a sense of bonding and security, where we regain health and create strong mutual relations where residents exchange resources and knowledge. Based on their interdependence.

Hence the title of competition, which is based on the presentation during the Vezha festival.

Objectives of the

  1. Creating new inspirations and solutions in the field of innovative solutions in architecture.
  2. Development of cooperation between TMG and the community of Ukrainian interior designers and architects.
  3. Promotion of good design, both in Ukraine and abroad.
  4. Select the most interesting architectural projects in terms of the idea of ​​designing the future and innovative solutions.


  • Oksana Shumelda – Architect, designer
  • Olga Kleitman – Architect, urbanist
  • Ewa Kryszkiewicz – Tubądzin Group, Development and Cooperation with Architects Manager
  • Mykola Sheremeta – Architect, Deputy Chairman of the Lviv Regional Organization of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine
  • Bohdan Goy –  PhD in Architecture, docent of Department of of Architectural Environment of the Institute of Architecture of Lviv Polytechnic National University


1st place – a trip to Cersaie for 3 people from the project team

2nd place – a trip to Poland to the factory in Sieradz for 2 people from the team


1st place:  Illia Cherbadzhy (JAM Design&Build), Alena Yalovaya (Yalova Design), Nataliia Semashko z (GOOD PROJECT)


2nd place (ex aequo):

2nd place (ex aequo):

  • Opria Maria – CreatiFFstyle
  • Kozyreva Tatiana – А-3

2nd place (ex aequo):

  • Mykhniuk Yaroslava – ПП
  • Kosolovska Natalia – Kosolovskaya N. DS.

2nd place (ex aequo):

  • Matvienko Elena – Школа дизайна 1
  • Tanova Viktoria – ПП

List of the remaining contestants:

  • Kosyanich Kyryl – Alfa-3
  • Elizaveta Kovalenko – KadorrGroup
  • Orlova Anna – Obarch architectural workshop
  • Denys Nikonchuk –  Obarch architectural workshop
  • Alexey Vepryk – Solaris
  • Olga Gogunets – Solaris
  • Mark Dunay – Дунай
  • Afanasenko Elena – Lherbe sainte
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