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We are approaching the end of the first stage of 2020. The project submission deadline for this stage is 30, which means that we will soon get to know the first winners who will enter the final of this year’s TDA. Soon the jury will select the winners of the first stage, who will fight in the grand finals for, amongst others, a trip to Abu Dhabi or Iceland. If you want to be in this group, remember that you can submit an unlimited number of projects that will increase your chance of winning.

If your project is not ready yet, you still have time! As of 1 we are starting the second stage of Tubądzin Awards, and this means another chance for winning prizes and honorable mentions! Rules of the Competition will help you determine in which category you can submit your work and how long each stage lasts. We are looking forward to selecting the winners of the first stage. If you want to join them, do not hesitate and submit your project!

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