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Boris Kudlička is an outstanding figure in the world of architecture. His visionary set designs for operatic performances around the world, received the recognition of critics and viewers. He created visual frames for such masterpieces as Don Giovanni, Madame Butterfly or Dziady. Together with the Warsaw studio, WWAA designed the Polish Pavilion at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai, which won numerous awards. Now Boris Kudlička is one of the members of the jury of organized by Ceramika Tubądzin for designers and architects.

Architect or artist?

Can we have a look at the architects work in terms of artworks? In the case of Boris Kudlička, definitely yes. A visionary approach to creating space, breaking the usual patterns or pioneering combination of colors and textures makes his works become a reference point for other artists. – The feeling that new spheres are being found in thinking about space, about architecture that resonates not only with users, but also with designers is fantastic – says Boris> – it means that something important and original is touched. His approach to work also indicates that he does not approach her in the usual way. – The language of designers is a metaphor. This is a story about a phenomenon, for example a historic one, enclosed in a plastic pill, the associations of which open certain metaphors, comparisons or references – he adds.

Jury debut

On the occasion of the latest edition of Tubądzin Awards, Boris Kudlička has the opportunity to see the work of both younger colleagues who are just taking their first steps in the world of great architecture as well as experienced designers. His multi-faceted experience means that he is able to see the distinctive elements, but also the smallest mistake. Why, despite the huge amount of work that often forces him to travel around the world, Boris Kudlička decided to cooperate with Ceramika Tubądzin? – I will be happy to get to know the way other creators think about space – he answers shortly. What does he expect? – I do not want to expect anything and assume nothing. Yes, as I start each project from a blank page, I look at this competition the same way. Since this is my first experience with this kind of competition, I would like to have pure awareness without any task or result. As a world-renowned creator, Boris is undoubtedly an authority that every architect can count on. What advice does it have for designers? – I am looking for many solutions for every project I have. This is something that is extremely important in the creative process. We should not stick to one idea in the belief that it is the genius. Color, texture or proportion are parameters that you can always move and test how they behave in other settings – he explains.

An artistic soul

To be a valued architect, to travel around the world and carry out large projects, above all, hard work is needed, which is supported by appropriate predispositions. Boris Kudlička indicates an important feature that should have a unique creator – personality. – This is something that everyone who works with an artist expects. A personality that has its own opinions and ideas that it can tell. The artist must have wide eyes, draw impulses from each second and process them later as part of subsequent projects. It is only a matter of how sensitive we are to certain elements and how we can use them later.

The competition consists of submitting projects using the platform . Then they are evaluated by the greatest authorities in the field of design. This year’s chapter includes Dorota Koziara, interior architect collaborating with Dior, Małgorzata Szczepańska, editor-in-chief of the interior magazine, Maciej Mańkowski, artistic photographer, Tubądzin architect Tomasz Smus and Boris Kudlička. Participation in the competition itself is an invaluable experience that can help you to emerge in the world of architecture and win many attractive prizes.

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