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A palette of colors and textures greets visitors entering the exhibition pavilions at the Milan Fair.

The spaces are vast, the voiles imitating the walls and the softness of the textures invites you into the interiors of the stands presenting furniture and ideas for their “new life”. This is accompanied by beautiful details and light that brilliantly captures the color saturation.

All around natural plants, fragrant orchids, flowers spreading that unique charm of nature.

Photo: Ewa Kryszkiewicz

This is how the furniture manufacturers prepared, going in the atmosphere of “soft” inviting the Guest inside in order to accompany them in their conversations, wanting to stay for a longer time enjoying the softness of fabrics, the comfort of the space.

Arrangements so prepared as if directly for a session for interior magazines.

Photo: Ewa Kryszkiewicz

Manufacturers have shown several ways for furniture to “dialogue” with the environment.

The first is fun, color, modern shapes responding to the need for comfort and convenience.

The next ways are a renaissance of existing forms and solutions we have known for decades. Forms recognized, but with a new character. Ecology and reduction of waste were not forgotten. Many booths presented new products made of recycled materials, which aroused great interest.

Photo: Ewa Kryszkiewicz

The aforementioned spaces with the softness of voiles instead of walls provoked a journey through the pavilions a bit as if the visitor was flowing between alternative worlds, where the transitions between successive spaces were fluid in nature.

They gave a sense of unity with the whole space as if saying:
“We are here together, nothing limits us, your imagination can connect, divide create new… we are building a space for you, feel comfortable and create with us.”

Photo: Ewa Kryszkiewicz

There was no sense of rush, despite the plethora of visitors. There was a lot of attentiveness, conversations, focus on details, connecting industries through comprehensive interior solutions.

There were also booths particularly focused on color, with its strong distinction, strong energy.

Photo: Ewa Kryszkiewicz

This year’s Salone del Mobile fair aroused a lot of emotions, there were various impressions and opinions. As in every aspect of life.

Here it was certainly not bland, it was expressive, with a clear message, provoking thought about a new approach to design.

Let’s not shy away from colors and details. The natural world is not black and white, and yet there is so much talk about pursuing nature….

Photo: Ewa Kryszkiewicz

Author of the publication
Ewa Kryszkiewicz

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