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Every year, Tubądzin Arena invites architects and designers from different countries to participate in an interactive conference. This time, we visited Budapest during the Construma’22 fair.

TAD conferences always deal with essential topics. In previous years we dealt with the still relevant: Zero Waste, Wellbeing, Recovering & Interdependence.

This year we are putting a strong emphasis on Culture of our Surroundings.

The recent pandemic has separated people as never before in the 21st century. In such circumstances, we begin to recognise the source of our emotional experiences that we don’t think about when going about our busy days.

What does space give us, and how does it shape our behaviour?

This year, the first opening of the TAD conference was held in Budapest for Hungarian designers. With Tubądzin Arena Design, we are here for the second time.

What did we do?

Our whole attention was focused on the role of culture, art and science in people’s everyday lives in creating a heritage for future generations.

  • The project part concerned the development of places of daily life, revitalisation of existing facilities, and creation of new ones.
  • The project aimed to create an environment that influences the formation of good habits from the earliest years of life.

A tool using current technologies, and modern solutions, while valuing what we already have and, of course, the cultural experience of Hungarian designers.

We do not waste our guests’ time. We connect the dots; we go beyond the schemes of available solutions without losing even the reality of this world for a moment.

As our photos show, the project community is most prominent at our meetings.

The emotion and energy of the designers in Budapest was a significant experience for us, confirming our direction.

After a long break from meetings, we could feel the need for human interaction at every moment, in every sentence exchanged, in every detail of the projects made…

The culture of life, the culture of space, and the culture of good habits created by the environment we live in every day shapes our sensitivity, our attitude to our surroundings…

This is what we co-create: Culture of Surroundings, Tubądzin Group.

The authors of the works that received the most attention are:

I place :

  • Dezső Johanna,
  • Balassa Emilia,
  • Hunyadi Márton,
  • Franko Tamás,
  • Fodor Eszter

II place:

  • Biróné Szabó Krisztina
  • Sunkel Diana
  • Kiss Beáta
  • Markovics Melinda

III place:

  • Belkacemi Márta
  • Lajos Noémi
  • Végh Annamária

Tubądzin at Construma

We thank the Hungarian designers for the exchange of ideas and inspiration.


Ács Erzsébet & Kővári Judit for jointly organising this event.

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