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Salone del Mobile Fair. Every year the design world waits longingly for one of the most important industry for architects and designers in Milan.

Together with the laureates of the Tubądzin Awards, we were in this extraordinary place visiting stands full of novelties, important messages, taking part in conversations with authors of collections.

This year, the furniture industry, modern technologies and the magic of light acted like a magnet attracting the eyes of visitors.

Photo: Ewa Kryszkiewicz

The most important thing about our stay together at Salone was the opportunity to exchange experiences, to talk, to experience the culture of Milan together.

Milan is an undeniable source of the best inspiration relating to the surrounding spaces, details, people and atmosphere that is difficult to experience anywhere else.

At every turn, colors, textures, smells, shapes, spaces gave room for delight and endless conversations. We were in good spirits as well as the weather.

The symbol of Milan, the Duomo Cathedral, was not to be missed.

Photo: Ewa Kryszkiewicz

This remarkable story of the creation of the cathedral provides the answer to the question: why are Italian items so extraordinarily beautiful, captivating in detail, constantly delighting the whole world?

The answer lies in the cathedral, where every detail of this building is refined like jewelry by the best jewelers. Despite the fact that originally, the upper part of the cathedral was not dedicated to visitors is every detail. Every marble is refined in a fabulously creative way. Like the history of the creators over the nearly 600 years of its creation.

Is it possible to talk about inspiration, awe and intoxication of beautiful spaces in such atmospheres?

Of course!

Photo: Ewa Kryszkiewicz

It was a very intense time. Thousands of steps traveled through the trade fair pavilions and Milanese streets, with the healthy fatigue, joy provided by the place, but also by our presence together.

We congratulate the laureates of the Tubądzin Awards and invite you to the next edition of inspiration with TDA.

Author of the publication
Ewa Kryszkiewicz

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