Tubądzin Arena Design is international conferences – inspirational meetings for architects / conference / workshops

Tubądzin Arena Design was created in response to the need to exchange knowledge on various topics influencing the shaping of human surroundings and the variability of our world in every field.

The focus is on changing technologies, the digital world, design, people’s fundamental needs, decision making, health, recycling, responding to turbulence, wellbeing, VUCA World, renewable energy.

This is the meeting where diverse knowledge of many industries provides material to find answers to the emerging problems of our civilisation.

For this reason Tubądzin Arena Design has become a place filled with enormous energy of the participants and topics, the need to share experiences, emotions, discussion, thinking about the role of architects in designing a sustainable world for mankind.

During the conference, architectural offices take part in workshops-competitions for the design of, amongst others, “Spaces of the future” and “Sustainable world”, taking into account the broadly understood benefit for users − with an emphasis on customers who are using the office every day. This workshop is primarily a chance for communication between architects, designers, urban planners, artists, producers, business.


The series of events is organised every year


We organise TAD in Poland and abroad. These are stationary events, the number of participants ranges from 100 to 200 people / events on location


The TAD dates are determined each year for the selected region


Culture of surroundings

Budapest – International Building Trade Exhibition
(6-8 April 2022)

This year, the first opening of the TAD conference was held in Budapest, for Hungarian designers. With Tubądzin Arena Design we are here for the second time. TAD conferences always deal with important topics. In previous years, we dealt with the still relevant ones: Zero Waste, Wellbeing, Recovering & Interdependence. This year we are putting a strong emphasis on Culture of Surroundings.

During Construma we had the opportunity to work with very good offices of Hungarian architects who focused their attention on the role of culture, art and science in people’s everyday life, in creating a heritage for future generations.

Budapest | Hungary


Recovering & Interdependence

The main theme of this edition of TAD was "Recovering & Interdependence" in the field of interdependent existence of human communities, dedicated to the responsible work of architects. The topic premiered during the Vezha International Festival for Architecture and Art in Lviv on July 2. We also realized it in Odessa.


In a group of strong offices, we took up the subject of responsibility, new creativity and interdependence between generations and competences, cooperation of modern technologies, biotechnology, human psychology for building an environment that gives everything that is needed at the base of existence and is resistant to sudden crises.

Comparable problems and chellanges faced by architectural and design offices in Central and Eastern Europe have made the international Tubądzin Arena Design conference meetings very popular and increasingly popular amnong architectures and designers.

A competiotion was also held during the conference. The task of the competition participants, consisting of teams of one or two people, was to prepare an idea of public or residential space in the form of a model, which in its form would contribute to the creation of strong and healthy human communitites.


Zero Waste

The idea behind this edition of the programme, launched jointly with foreign partners, was “zero waste.” A specific approach to the use of resources when creating objects, spaces and products. They can serve customers for many years. This year the programme focused on the changes taking place in the lives not only of individuals, but entire generations. From this broad and long-term perspective, we looked at the architect’s responsibility in terms of planning spaces in both the private and public sector.

The comparable problems and challenges faced by architectural and design offices in Central and Eastern Europe have made the international Tubądzin Arena Design conference meetings increasingly popular among architects and designers.

Tubądzin Arena Design 2020 was held at the beginning of the year when the world was not yet hindered by limited mobility.

Here are the TAD projects in which energy and the need to act for the benefit of people and the world exceeded the expectations of the organisers:

January 23, 2020 Lviv (Ukraine)
January 29, 2020 Dnieper (Ukraine)
February 18, 2020 Kiev (Ukraine)
March 5, 2020 Chisinau (Moldova)
March 12, 2020 Kharkiv (Ukraine)

In times of limited contact and other restrictions, we see how important the quality of human life is, understood both as interpersonal bonds, but also the environment in which we live.

26.03. Kaliningrad (Russia) − cancelled due to COVID-19
02.04.20 Budapest (Hungary) − cancelled due to COVID-19
09.04.20 Odessa (Ukraine) − cancelled due to COVID-19

We will definitely also visit you.

Ukraine | Lviv

Ukraine | Dnieper

Ukraine | Kiev

Moldova | Chisinau

Ukraine | Kharkiv



Completed conferences:

Budapest − Consturma Fair (April 3-7, 2019)

During the Construma fair, we had the opportunity to work with very prominent offices of Hungarian architects, who used their experience in creating well-being spaces to open numerous discussions, exchange knowledge and designs of such spaces for selected private and public areas.

Lviv − Tower Vezha Festival (June 27 - July 3, 2019)

Kiev − Prostoneba Festival of Architecture (July 27-28, 2019)

Together with TAD, we were co-creators of the International Festival of Architecture and Art in Lviv, and the Prostoneba Architecture Festival in Kiev.

These are creative meetings of art and architecture aimed at breaking stereotypes related to thinking about creativity. The programme, which was tailored to the needs of the participants, was met with great recognition and commitment of the recipients.

Once again, we broke our thought patterns and habits related to the standard perception of people’s needs and the simultaneous pace of adapting to changes in the surrounding world of technology, product changes and changing mental needs of recipients.

The workshop Human Space in the Future – Wellbeing, organised by TAD as a 3D mock-up presented a new interpretation of the perception of space, without unnecessary waste, using new technological possibilities, energy recovery and following the needs of residents. Well thought-out spaces of the future for implementation shortly. Technologies, knowledge, translated into a humanistic space.