Online meetings in the form of webinars for the architects, designers and business community, the main purpose of which is to widely share up-to-date and useful knowledge.

The participants of our meetings can count on professionalism and substantial content as well as an interactive atmosphere of the meetings. During the meeting, each of the participants can ask questions, which are subject of consideration by the speakers. Take advantage of free participation and join us at the next webinars!


In 2020, a series of webinars, practical meetings for architects and designers were held. The discussions were conducted by specialists from the world of and business focused on topics related to ecology, design and functionality.

See recordings of these and find out how the Tubądzin, GROHE and AQform brands combine modern with ecology and functionality. 


Ewa Kryszkiewicz

Manager for Development and Cooperation with Architects

“Manufacturers systematically, and not occasionally, cooperate with the environment, with the environment of the recipients of their products.”

Tomasz Smus

Architect of the

“The right choice of tiles guarantees comfort, safety and pleasure in using space.”

Przemysław Filar

Regional manager

“General minimisation of waste production and designing reusable objects that can easily serve for many years are crucial.”

Cezary Kowalczyk

Chief Investment Officer

“Environmentally-friendly solutions in include tasty water straight from the Eco Joy tap, thermostats and a start/stop system for sanitary systems.”

Krzysztof Kulig

Product manager

“An important aspect of work is the precise determination of details and prices already at the stage”.

Environmental protection and environmentally-friendly solutions of products

How does the knowledge of an architect influence the process of developing modern solutions and creating new products?

What is the ability of architectural offices to adapt and redefine their own activity in relation to VUCA World?

What is the matrix state of wellbeing of clients?

How do changes in the environment affect and operation of enterprises?


How to prepare a project to avoid subsequent implementation problems?

What to pay attention to when selecting the formats, technical parameters of tiles, and when selecting the style and type of collection to suit the preferences of customers?

How are customer choices and decision-making processes changing?

Can cooperation with an architect and a designer increase the functionality of the space?


Who organises work and who makes decisions on the designer-contractor-investor line?

What characterises well-chosen kitchen lighting?

How to plan waste segregation in the context of the “zero waste” idea?

What are the “foot control” and “smart control” solutions?