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With Tubądzin Awards, since the very first edition of the competition we tried to develop the competences of students in the Young Power category which is dedicated to them. Each edition made us believe more firmly that you have great creative potential, and that is why we are not limiting the number of projects you can submit. Each of them proves that we are right, and the Young Power category brings together outstanding adepts of design art.

Each project means more chances for you to win, and thus to get an internship at the best European architectural and studios. Winners of previous editions took internships for example in Budapest, Milan, or Warsaw. This year, together with the competition partners, we have prepared three internships to be won – in Paris, Warsaw, and Lviv. Remember that we took care of every detail during your internship. You are left with enjoying new professional experiences!
The dates of internships will be agreed individually with the Winners in 2021.

Below we include some of the awarded projects from the previous Tubądzin Awards, let us inspire you once again!

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