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We spend at least half of our lives at home. The space in it, and the materials used, have a huge impact on our health, well-being, rest, our relationships with loved ones, and on shaping our patterns. Is ecology only for the wealthy, and do environmentally friendly solutions mean high construction costs? We show interesting projects from Poland, which architects and specialists presented during the panel: #Eye on…Presentations and speeches. Houses of the future in the spirit of eco-friendly and zero waste at 4 Days 27.01.2023.

The Żorro project represents the integration of man and nature. The author of the project Maciej Franta told about it during his presentation. It is a response to the surrounding development in the city without emotions, without balconies, made of big plates, without decoration, and therefore brutal in the eyes of the audience. Therefore, the main role in the building is played by terraces and balconies, which we see in the first place, to properly shade and protect from the strong sunlight in the building. With the introduction of such an application, there will be no need for air conditioning. This is an environmental aspect. In addition, the generated roof garden will create a microclimate.

Franta Group

The name Zorro is the result of a combination of the words: Zorro and Żorów (polish name of town).

– The idea came at the time of designing, when we noticed complexes of large slab buildings. We tried to recompose this space – the first thing we did was we wanted to cut it dynamically, to give it expression. This cutting allowed us to expose part of the terrace. We came up with the idea of an architectural super hero – an object that improves the quality of the space. Because ultimately the object was to be located in Zory, we decided that we would call it Zorro,” says Maciej Franta – author of the project, architect and founder of Franta Group Architects.

The facility uses technological solutions to make the building environmentally friendly. Proper insulation of the walls, the use of energy-efficient materials or connecting the building to the district heating network. These are the basics to keep in mind and, by applying them, avoid greenwashing and adding ecological solutions only at the presentation of the project creating only a giant ecological noise.

Koziej Architekci

What is an eco-friendly home? It’s a house made of eco-friendly materials – preferably from local suppliers, with avoidance of thermal bridges, modern construction and minimal ecological footprint. An example of such a building is ASZ Dom a modern, eco-friendly private home in Lodz. The author of the project is Michal Koziej – architect, designer and founder of KOZIEJ ARCHITEKCI.

The simple body is dominated by natural finishing materials, larch plank on the facade, graphite clinker brick and ceramic tile, and lime plaster. Long elevations are broken by recessed terraces and an entrance arcade.

The gable elevation facing the street is a full clinker wall with relief bricks projecting in front of the face of the wall. The exterior walls are designed with prefabricated ecococon panels. Walls using this technology combine excellent thermal performance with ecological qualities. The project uses several sustainable solutions min. low carbon footprint walls, materials that do not require additional finishes or maintenance with construction chemicals such as raw larch wood on the outside and spruce wood on the inside. Clay and lime plasters that do not require smoothing or paint. The building is designed with gas heating, a photovoltaic system and hybrid ventilation.

Studio Wektor

The time for a total revolution in habitat construction was presented by Ewa Leszczynska – co-owner of Studio Wektor. She created the concept of climate fortresses – houses that are autonomous, healthy and safe, as well as environmentally friendly. Introducing Climate Fortresses. Safe, intimate, self-sufficient, energy-efficient, environmentally clean, functional and architecturally attractive. These are projects in which autonomy and materials supplied by Polish manufacturers are paramount.

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