The T-Academy is a dynamic, creative, certified business workshop for architects

The workshop combines knowledge of design, new products and market psychology in business. The implementers and people running the programme were: lecturers-practitioners, business psychologist, top managers, brand architects and business practitioners. Knowledge was gained through experience.

As part of the T-Academy, a number of different programmes are conducted, including:

Architect’s Academy

a combination of the latest, up-to-date knowledge with practice, passion and commitment, business workshops dedicated to architects, development and practical support of architects’ business, including the provision of effective tools for working with customers, and business psychology.

Business Leader Academy

Development and business workshops dedicated to the following groups:

managers, sales teams – the “Sales Mastery” Sales Academy, as well as students − programmes dedicated to faculties and fields of study at technical universities and art academies.

Development Academy: Cultura Animi-the third horizon

This subject of certified workshops was chosen by the host, Zuzanna Skalska, together with Tubądzin. The meetings focused on the trends in design, breaking schemes in and business approach to the realities of the work of architects. The aim of the workshop is not only to provide architects with inspiration and to indicate the competences needed in the future, but also to provide them with managerial skills and soft skills.

This is because they often determine the success or failure in cooperation with the customer. In a two-stage cycle, they combine elements of the hottest directions and trends with practical exercises − mapping, prototyping and developing their own proprietary solutions by each participant using the thinking method.

Meetings of Innovation and

The idea behind the meetings is the synergy of science and business. The series of workshops aims to show students how important it is for shaping their own potential to transfer knowledge from the modern industry sector to the sphere of science. Meetings are held within the walls of universities and at the company’s headquarters.


Annual events


Stationary event / on location / Poland / abroad

For whom

Students, architects and designers from around the world

Architect’s Academy

In October, a workshop was held at the Architect’s Academy with a group of architects from Lublin. The Architect’s Academy program as part of the T-Academy is a combination of the latest, effective knowledge with practice, passion and commitment, business workshops dedicated to architects, development and practical support for architects’ business, including providing effective tools for working with clients, business psychology.

Masterclass in Poland and Slovakia

The Master Class workshop programme that was held in Wrocław and Gdańsk, in cooperation with Cad Projekt K&A, focused on the topic of changes regarding programmes for designers providing them with a number of new possibilities, improving output of architects and obtaining better quality graphics. The spectrum of possibilities was presented by the director of sales at Cad Projekt K&A − Marcin Pietrzyk. Moreover, the workshop participants could experience the new values of the programme in person under the watchful eye of the host of this part of the meeting.

The topic was extended to include changes in the customer environment, their increasing and very different expectations regarding the product and the non-commercial value that the manufacturer can provide.

Ewa Kryszkiewicz − manager for development and cooperation with architects, and Tomasz Smus − brand architect within Tubądzin, discussed the extremely important elements of product features, but also the determinants of customer psychology.

There were lots of emotions, especially among the participants who were delighted with the substantial content of the training. The goal was to provide the widest possible spectrum of knowledge and inspiration for the future. Judging from the reactions of the invited designers we were able to achieve these objectives. As always, our workshops abound in conversations both during and outside the meetings. It was no different this time.

Another point on the map was Slovakia. In Žilina, we met with Slovak designers and worked on the same Master Class subject, because as it turns out, we all face similar dilemmas and have similar professional and personal needs. There were also many questions and a high level of activity of the participants.

We met with three hundred designers as part of the programme. And we are planning more events.

The Tubądzin Group is a partner of the Well-being conference

The Tubądzin Group has become a partner of the Well-being conference for interior architects on designing in the (post) pandemic era and seeking answers to questions about the well-being of users and what new tools architects need in order to create it.

Ewa Kryszkiewicz, business psychologist, Development and Cooperation with Architects Manager at the Tubądzin Group, gave a lecture on “Personal effectiveness of an architect in a world of ongoing changes, including changes in customer expectations.” The speaker focused on the necessary competences of proactive people allowing them to achieve important and well-defined goals, and presented the sources of personal effectiveness.

Eco, Form, Kitchen Webinars

Substantive meetings on extensive topics addressed to architects in the form of webinars conducted by specialists from the world of design and business. Find out how the Tubądzin, GROHE and AQform brands combine modern design with ecology and functionality.

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Lecture at the Architecture Biennale in Novosibirsk

The organisers of the Architecture Biennale and the Polish House in Novosibirsk invited Konrad Karmański, architect of the Tubądzin brand, and Robert Sobański, PhD, Engineer of Architecture to present the idea of “carpets” for entrance gates as an idea for original signage in public spaces. During the lecture to over 100 designers, the speakers presented the issues of design solutions in gate clearances at Piotrkowska Street in Łódź, as well as provided some information on current investments closely related to the broadly understood revitalisation of the city.

Workshops at the Element Urban Talks conference in Krakow

As part of the Element Urban Talks conference, created by Agata Bisping and programme director Zuzanna Skalska, a workshop for designers was conducted by the architects of the Tubądzin brand − Konrad Karmański and Tomasz Smus. The theme of this edition of The Element Urban Talks was RESPONSIBILITY. During their presentations, the speakers proved that socially responsible design is possible, giving specific examples how to design in spite of difficulties and how to turn ideas into real actions.

It was ‘right up our alley’: striving against difficulties to implement an idea, thinking about the possible economic benefits for the city − about increasing the revenues from tourism with the original arrangement of gate clearances − we definitely fit in the subject of the conference. During the workshop, the participants worked in groups on concepts for gate clearances, after a brief lecture.

T-Academy in Hungary

On 7-8 March in Siofok, located on the shore of Lake Balaton, within framework of Tubądzin Academy, a workshop on trends in interior design was held. During the meeting, the participants got acquainted with a number of presentations on the directions and trends in interior space and took part in two competitions. The first one was to design tiles dedicated to customers on the Hungarian market, and the other to create fashion inspired by the Tubądzin collections.

We also discussed topics related to decision-making styles and customer needs, the factors that determine good cooperation between architects and customers. We had the pleasure to present new products. These collections became a tool at the workshop to design interiors in line with Hungarian market expectations. And the presented products were subjected to brainstorms in terms of their adequacy, changes and suggestions in terms of texture, colour or format.

The workshop showed a palette of creative ideas, expectations and needs of the market of Hungarian designers. The works were evaluated by a panel of jurors consisting of representatives of the Hungarian and Polish groups. The event was crowned with a summary and granting of awards. And as always in an excellent atmosphere.

The event was organised for one hundred guests in cooperation with Tubądzin’s local business partner − Keramitalia. It was the first in a series of three meetings during which participants went through a multi-stage development programme ending with the certification of their competences. Similar programmes were implemented with other trading partners such as Matyó és Takács and Kerko in cooperation with the Association of Hungarian Architects LOSZ.

Panel during 4DD: Good practices in projects of the future

On 6 February, during one of the most important events devoted to design in this part of Europe, the Tubądzin Group and Grohe co-organised a panel entitled “Good practices in projects of the future: architect, customer, product, people’s needs, #wellbeing, #nature, #future.” Tubądzin was represented by Ewa Kryszkiewicz, Development and Cooperation with Architects Manager, and Konrad Karmanski, architect at the Tubądzin Group. On behalf of Grohe Cezary Kowalczyk, Project Sales Director spoke and Robert Majkut, owner of Robert Majkut Design.

The times when the architect was merely a service contractor and followed the customer’s vision are gone forever. The value economy is becoming more and more recognised and stronger, and companies base their marketing strategies on design and project thinking. All the panellists agreed that the young generation is much more aware of the challenges and tasks posed by the planet and accelerating consumerism, and that education from an early age is the key to future success.

Cultura animi: Warsaw / Kraków / Poznań / Wrocław / Gdańsk

The Cultura Animi workshop is part of the Architect’s Academy, and it aims to provide architects not only with inspiration and indicate the competences of the future, but also to provide them with managerial skills and soft skills. This is because they often determine the success or failure in cooperation with the customer. Architects learn to recognise the needs of their customers and respond to them creatively.

The meetings focus on a unique approach to the daily work of architects. In a two-stage cycle, they combine elements of the hottest directions and trends, with practical exercises − mapping, prototyping and developing their own proprietary solutions by each participant using the design thinking method. Zuzanna Skalska is responsible for this part.

“Time is luxury” workshop

The meeting that was held in the Volkswagen Home showroom in Warsaw focused on the concept of luxury in the context of the needs of customers and the tasks of architects who care about the comfort of the created space. The architects’ task was to develop the most comprehensive indicators defining the concept of luxury in relation to three industries: ceramics, automotive and furniture.

The experts concluded, that regardless of the industry, people should be at the centre of every project. The most important trends in both the creation of space and products were defined as comfort, convenience and harmony.

T-Academy at the Silesian University of Technology

Ceramika Tubądzin has been sharing its knowledge and experience with students of Polish universities for many years. Therefore, on November 28, it organised the Meeting of Innovation and Design at the Faculty of Architecture of the Silesian University of Technology. A group of 75 participants learned the latest trends in fittings and interior design, and took part in a creative competition entitled “Design the interior of the future − inspire us.”

The main prizes in the form of graphic tablets and a trip to a two-day meeting as part of the T-Academy to the most modern Ceramika Tubądzin factory. Patronage over the event was taken care of by Klaudiusz Fross, PhD, Engineer of Architecture − Dean of the Faculty of Architecture. The Meeting of Innovation and Design was also attended by the CEO of Tubądzin, Miroslaw Jędrzejczyk.

T-Academy in Yekaterinburg

The next point on the map of the “Meetings of Innovation and Design” dedicated to students was the Ural Federal University, the largest university in the Russian Federation.

The workshop programme for university students included a number of thematic presentations, important from the perspective of their future work and technological, business and personal development, as well as knowledge about design.

The group of speakers delivering lectures and workshops were accompanied by lecturers and mentors from the Ural University.

This unique and remarkable University educates young generations in a very efficient manner. The students’ skills delighted us enormously, the precision, technological knowledge, and the ability to coordinate space and movement were evident in the prepared graphic works.

We exchanged experiences and listened to the needs. The result of this meeting is to continue working with selected people and their participation in our international competition for architects.

T-Academy at the Lodz University of Technology

The meeting of Innovation and Design organised in cooperation with the Tubądzin Group is an event during which students had the opportunity to learn about the process of designing and producing ceramic tiles, as well as what development, internships and apprenticeships the company offers.

During the meeting, the participants could listen to lectures on the multidirectional innovation in science and business by representatives of Tubądzin, as well as the University’s staff.

The meeting was crowned by a creative contest dedicated to students, in which participants entered as many as 42 works. The prize was a trip to Salone del Mobile in Milan, one of the most prestigious design fairs in the world.

The event was honoured by the presence of Prof. Dariusz Gawin, PhD, Eng., Vice-Rector for Innovation and Development of the Technical University of Łódź, and CEO of Tubądzin Miroslaw Jędrzejczyk.


In 2008, the Tubądzin Academy was launched. In a very unusual way for a manufacturer dedicating knowledge outside the organisation, the Tubądzin Group launched a series of workshops aimed at supporting business partners, and the community of architects and designers in the everyday building their own business.

The Tubądzin Group, as a business partner aware of the needs, went beyond the provision of product knowledge. The topics of practical workshops included business psychology, design, technological aspects − not only related to Tubądzin products, and changing social and industrial conditions.

Competences and their skilful use are the basis for personal effectiveness. This is the most difficult area of development, particularly in view of the multithreading of daily professional tasks. Each

programme is tailored to the audience and topics are selected according to the latest knowledge. For the sake of a good atmosphere and high motivation to full activity during the workshops, we make sure that each participant is also their co-creator. Hence the high ratings of our programmes due to their significant personal and professional usability. The climate during the workshops provides positive emotions.

In the years 2008-2014 we carried out 56 workshops per year. This provides a community of several thousand students.