Tubądzin Days is regular meetings with design

international meetings of architects, conferences/workshops

Tubądzin Days is a series of inspiring interactive events and meetings, valued by architects and professionals dealing with every day design and interior architecture. The goal is to create a dialogue between specialists involved in creating spaces, jointly dealing with challenges in the industry as well as networking.

The entire programme is realized in the company of special guests invited by the Tubądzin Group, who represent a variety of industries that affec the creation of spaces.

Tubądzin Days are international events.


In Poland, held every 2 years, international events held every year


Stationary event / on location


The 7th edition of this event is behind us


Tubądzin Days, an impressive event in Slovakia!

On June 15, 2023, a brilliantly designed event dedicated to architects and business partners took place in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, under the Tubądzin  Days formula!

The Tubądzin Group together with Ingema, our long-time Business Partner, were the partners of the event.

The inauguration of TDD took place in Ingema’s showroom, where the guests were welcomed by the authorities and representatives of both companies. It was here that the premiere of the Tubądzin Group’s new products introduced to the Slovakian market took place.

In addition, the new product line of KORATER terrace boards, novelties in the monoporous segment and inspiring notes of decoration , which should not be missing in the homes of our customers, were presented.

Invited architects from the “Dobry Interier” studio presented their own realizations using large-format slabs in projects during their own speech.

They showed an extremely colorful palette of possibilities and the joy of designing with the availability of such an impressive line of slabs provided by the Tubądzin Group.

There was also a presentation of Visoft products with a demonstration of the possibilities arising from the implemented  programs.

There was no shortage of practice and realization during the meeting, thanks to the prepared training for contractors in slab processing.

After the official part, the guests were invited to the conference center and there, in a gala atmosphere, dealerships were awarded and honored in various categories: scale of investment, sales growth and “love” for slabs.

We can boast a steady increase in interest in selling our products in this geographically beautiful country, and the result of 23 company zones in Slovakia speaks for itself.

This is not the last word.

Trade partners from Hungary were also guests at the event.

Throughout the event the keynote was “Good Design, Form, Color”.

In addition to the official part, there was no lack of time for relaxation and good notes.

Form, light and sound in a good way!

Tubądzin as a leading manufacturer of ceramic tiles in Central Europe strives to meet the needs of both less and more demanding consumers. Each customer desires a beautiful space and our role is to provide emotions that respond to this sensitive need for aesthetics and beauty.

We would like to thank our guests and our business partner Ingema!


Ewa Kryszkiewicz

Manager of development and cooperation with architects

Tubądzin Group

TDD Online: architecture, business,

A unique series of events − a series of online meetings for architects and designers “Spaces in the era of change.” We know from the experience of previous editions that architects and designers look for inspiration outside the framework of their profession, which is why the event is divided into 3 modules: architecture, business and design. 3 days, 3 topics, 9 guests. Available for viewing on Youtube. 

Module 1: Architecture

How will COVID-19 affect newly created spaces? The sudden, forced need to stay at home for several months is an occasion for reflection. Will the post-pandemic experience change the art of design, or will everything return to the way it was before? How to  a space that can be “modelled” according to changing needs? Is it possible? How are our workplaces changing? Will we, for example, give up open spaces?

Module 2: Business

How will the current situation affect the real estate market? The housing industry is consistently growing from year to year and nothing foresaw any sudden changes that could take place. Where is man as a buyer in all this? To what extent will the demand for homes / office spaces meet developers’ current plans and their future investments? Will a possible change of the working mode to the home office be a real threat to the rental market?

Module 3: and trends

Signals of changes in design and business − consumption and further challenges. Design, as the art of creating projects, originally assumed adaptation of the immediate surroundings to human requirements. The question of the present is whether design can oppose overconsumption. To what extent do designers create durable and unseasonal items and interiors today? Will the retail crisis affect consumption in the fashion industry?


TDD 2019 Moldova

A meeting in Chisinau brought together 170 local architects, designers and creative professionals. The special guest of the event was designer Maciej Zień, who presented his collections and talked about his creative path and cooperation with Ceramika Tubądzin.

During the event, the “Facade and Architecture: InSide, OutSide” competition was held, in which 70 Moldovan architects tried their hand at designing an innovative façade, using large-format panels from the latest collections of Ceramika Tubądzin.


TDD 2018 Poland

The TDD 2018 cycle in Poland was held under the slogan “ARCHITEXTURE − space challenges.” The mission of the event was to establish a dialogue between representatives of all the sectors involved in the creation of spaces in line with the latest trends in design.

Tubądzin Design Days took place in unique places in 8 Polish cities. The guests were very impressed with the Fabryka Porcelana in Katowice, which is an exclusive, revitalised business centre with a rich history. In Poznań, architects and designers witnessed the largest mapping in Europe, which was installed on the walls of Collegium Chemicum Novum − on a 140 m long and 20 m high façade, and in Warsaw the meeting took place at an unusual venue − Służewiec Racetrack.

The speakers invited by the Tubądzin Group, who shared various expert knowledge important in the work of an architect and in space design, were of great value to TDD.

In Sopot and Łódź, Dorota Kobiela, the co-director of the animated film “Loving Vincent”, talked about the secrets of the production nominated for an Oscar. In Rzeszów, Białystok, Katowice and Warsaw, Marta Siembab, the first certified Polish female senselier, introduced all the guests to the world of fragrance, which is extremely important in business, public and private spaces. In Poznan, Tomasz Raczek talked about architecture in cinema and the future of cinema. In Wroclaw, Zuzanna Skalska presented the challenges that await us, not only in architecture, but also in life.

In addition, in each of the cities winners of the competition for the best façade design were selected. The prize for winners in individual cities was a trip to the September Cersaie Fair in Bologna.

TDD Ukraine/ TDD Slovakia / TDD Hungary / TDD Russia

During each of the events we hosted over 200 architects and designers. The events were accompanied by a competition under the slogan “Inspire us: design your city of the future.” Special guests were, among others, designer Maciej Zień.

The events featured Maciej Zień fashion shows entitled “Under Pressure”, during which the he presented the trends for the upcoming fall-winter 2018/2019 season. The event was crowned by a festive banquet.


TDD Lviv

The international meeting was held on March 23, 2017. The special guest of TDD was the well-known Polish designer Maciej Zień, who has been cooperating with the Tubądzin Group since 2009. The participants could take part in the competition “Inspire us. Show us the cities of Ukraine.” Their task was to create a collection of tiles inspired by the cities of Ukraine. The winners received special prizes, among others, a trip to the Cersaie 2017 exhibition held in Bologna. 

TDD Yekaterinburg

Tubądzin Design Days this time took place in Yekaterinburg, combining the promotion of the latest tile collections Tubądzin by Maciej Zień with the fashion show of his new clothing collections. During the event, we invited guests to design non-standard solutions for living spaces dedicated to the Ural region. The works selected by the Jury, chaired by Maciej Zień, were rewarded with participation in design trade fairs. 

We met with 170 architects.

During TDD in Yekaterinburg, we had the pleasure to organise a workshop for the students of the Ural University, the largest university of the Russian Federation.  We were captivated by the level of competence and skills of the students invited.


TDD Bukowina Tatrzanska

A meeting with more than 160 architects and designers from Slovakia and Hungary and the Tubądzin Group. The company invited all participants to passionate discussions about design and international trends.

The special guest of the event was Dorota Koziara − one of the most outstanding Polish designers of architecture, who lives and works in Milan. The company also presented new products, including collections resulting from its cooperation with the world-famous designer Maciej Zień. 

TDD Wroclaw / Gdynia / Poznan / Rzeszow / Bialystok / Krakow / Warsaw

TDD 2016 was a celebration of design that attracted nearly 1,500 people. It was a meeting place for creators of new trends in architecture and design. This edition organised under the slogan “We are inspired by the best” proved that this was one of the most interesting architectural industry events. There were special guests: artist Dorota Koziara, fashion designer Maciej Zień and Italian interior designer Rudi Fontana. The Tubądzin Group provided numerous attractions − a molecular cuisine show during which the master himself − Jean Bos (TopChef) – shared his culinary experience. 

The meetings were enriched with performances by the cellist Agnieszka Kowalczyk and a photographic performance by Maciej Mańkowski. TDD was also an opportunity to present their work and creativity. In all the cities a competition was organised with a trip to the Venice Architecture Biennale as the main prize. The participants’ task was to design a ceramic tile following the free inspiration of the pastel Tubądzin collections.

Tubądzin Design Days 2016 – Wroclaw

Tubądzin Design Days 2016 – Atelier Maciej Mańkowski


TDD Slovakia / TDD Kazakhstan

An unusual meeting as part of Tubądzin Design Days took place in the picturesque city of Tale in Slovakia. Exceptional guests, a lot of positive energy as well as creative and inspiring contests brought together more than 200 architects. The special guest was the Italian interior designer Rudi Fontana.

The meeting with TDD in Slovakia resulted in the planning and implementation of a series of dedicated meetings with groups of designers in Košice, Donovaly and Senec. 

In the largest cities of Kazakhstan, Astana and Almaty, meetings were held under the slogan “We are inspired by the best.” This time the showroom turned into a fashion studio, and the invited architects worked on the preparation of collection titled “Clothing like a tile.” inspired by the Tubądzin collections. The level of creativity, the way designs were presented and the catwalk, where the fashion show of the designed clothes took place, could be compared to many recognised fashion shows in the world.


TDD in 11 Polish cities

On May 13, 2014, the second edition of TDD, i.e. a series of unique and inspiring meetings addressed to architects, was launched in Poznań. It included discussions, exchange of experiences, interesting speeches by invited guests, as well as a creative competition with attractive prizes.

This year the event took place in a total of 11 cities! TDD 2014 hosted exceptional guests. The Tubądzin brand invited fashion designer Maciej Zień, designer Dorota Koziara, furniture designer Tomasz Rygalik, architect Robert Konieczny and interior architect Tomasz Wuczyński to join the events.


TDD Poznan / Wroclaw / Gliwice / Krakow / Warsaw

In 2013, the first edition of the TDD visited five Polish cities. Workshops for architects, culinary attractions, artistic performances, a competition and a meeting with Maciej Zień were organised by the Tubądzin Group. Organised in a free convention, the meetings combined elements of workshops, competition, banquets and backstage discussions in a café style.

At the meetings, Piotr Kucharski proposed dishes that referred to the cities from the Tubądzin collection created by Maciej Zień, in terms of ingredients, appearance and taste. The atmosphere was boosted by a competition for tile design, in which one could win a trip to the Cersaie fair in Bologna in September or the possibility of producing a design in large format.