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When we appear at international fairs, we know that our most important task as a manufacturer is to provide customers, architects and designers with the highest quality product. A product that will capture the hearts and souls of guests visiting our company stand both with its quality and beauty.

And that’s exactly what happened this year during the Cersaie’22 International Ceramic Tiles and Bathroom Equipment Fair in Bologna.

After a long time of limited meetings and industry events, we knew that the world needed good and upbuilding conversations, peace, soothing nature that would balance everyday life.

It was this direction that guided the idea of the of the company stand, the author of which is Katarzyna Madalińska, an architect of the Tubądzin Group.

“We are moving towards natural patterns, colours and organic forms occurring in nature.As never before, at this moment we need and seek the healing powers of nature.

The stand is solid with geometric lines and economical in form. Here, natural materials such as wood are the background, and subdued colours, beiges and browns bring harmony, order and peace.

The entire stand is held together by vegetation, which is an important decorative element, soothing and relaxing.”

Katarzyna Madalińska, architect

During this year’s fair, we had the opportunity to meet hundreds of guests every day. We hosted clients from every corner of the world.

There were architects invited to the fair and completely new ones, attracted by the atmosphere of the stand, new collections, inspiration for interesting arrangements and non-schematic solutions.

We had the opportunity to get to know interesting ideas and establish new contacts within the Tubądzin Design Community with architects from Italy, Germany, Australia, France, and Bulgaria, but intensively operating Ukraine, with young designers from India, the United States and Great Britain.

The space of the stand gave many opportunities to create new ideas. The Tubądzin Group presented over 70 new designs. All elements are designed to feel the peace of the home climate surrounded by nature. Despite a large number of people in a limited space, the interviewers had a sense of a large space, natural, almost external in its captivating nature.

The format novelties aroused great curiosity. Together with the large-format 240 x 120, new panels with a size of 275 x 120 were presented.

The guests had their favourites among the new collections. The ILLUSION collection, based on the Patagonian quartzite theme, made a great impression. The stratified structure and saturated colours caught the eye of every visitor to our stand. New proposals of matt slabs with marble or mineral motifs revealed to architects a world of elegance, discretion and a delicate nature theme. Collections are prepared in such a way that they are even charming with authenticity.

The world needs colours and natural motifs of flora and fauna. These needs were answered by collections with delicate graphics as if hand-painted by the artist.

The whole stand created an atmosphere that allowed for a peaceful and unhurried look at the new collections, interesting conversations and exchange of observations. The special stands designed by the author, “islands of relaxation” and spaces for meetings, provoked stopping for a moment with the possibility of taking a look at a large part of the stand.

There was also an opportunity to meet the authors of the presented collections. Dorota Koziara, a world-renowned designer and designer, talked about the process with passion and great commitment and presented new collections that allowed the Cielo e Terra collection to be expanded with a new colour, unconventionally.

This year, at Cersaie, most of the exhibitors showed great concern for contact with nature, providing the possibility of communing with what is balanced, healthy and soothing through the products.

Inspirations, meeting people, getting to know the needs and the market, and active activities for the Culture of Space always happen where a well-designed space allows exchanging ideas.

Tubądzin is a wide community of architects, designers and businesses. We build relationships and provide the necessary and useful tools for the efficient and effective development of our trade and business partners.

Ewa Kryszkiewicz

Manager of the development department and cooperation with architects, Tubądzin Group

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