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The first, innovative, massive mapping of all Poland:

Technology based on mapping has become an ideal material for cooperation between Tubądzin Group and Jobdone marketing & sales support. It is a unique tool at the junction of technology and art, which combines Tubądzin’s commitment to production and technological development with the presence of art. Thanks to the creative expression, which allows for flawless use of the product aspect, it was possible to organise inspiring at the highest level using this technology.

What exactly is mapping?

Video mapping or 3D mapping is a technology allowing for the display of images on any surface, thus creating a kind of illusion for the viewer. It differs from the standard projection in that, in this case, we use the spatiality of a given object, and the projected image is adjusted to specific places and elements, which is particularly important in the case of mapping buildings.

The roots of mapping can be found in prehistoric shadow theatres or experiments with light and shadow in the 16th and 17th centuries – more about the historical origins of mapping HERE.


Mapping scale – 130 x 20 metres

The whole event took on the character of an all-encompassing performance, involving a production, lighting and audiovisual team of several dozen people, as well as dancers from the Polish Dance Theatre – Paulina Jaksim and Adrian Radwanski. The cooperation allowed us to create an unobvious visual space using the most modern technological solutions. In this way, we made one of the largest mappings ever realised on this scale – the projected image reached the size of 130 by 20 metres.

Interaction of participants with the mapping

After an exciting presentation, guests had the opportunity to participate in a unique competition. On a specially prepared table, participants could redesign the façade of the building and see it in a 1:1 scale.

Each of them could take on the role of a building designer, which became a canvas for the architects’ artistic skills. The event produced extraordinary works, and the solution designed to create them was very popular, as it was interactive and innovative.

All this was done using state-of-the-art technology allowing for the simultaneous and superimposition of the project through mapping on the Collegium Chemicum Novum building. Mapping has proved to be an extraordinary tool of expression when organising for a demanding audience – which the architecture and design community undoubtedly are. 

Creative audiences expect inspiring and unobvious experiences, which have become an inseparable element of the Tubądzin Days events.


Mapping has proved to be an extraordinary tool of expression when organising for a demanding audience – which the architecture and community undoubtedly are.

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