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T-Academy has started with the autumn edition of projects for architects implemented by the Tubądzin Group. A group of architects invited to our factory in Sieradz could take part in a multidisciplinary workshop. The program is not only to inspire but also to provide energy for further action.

In a world of continuous change, fast response and combining market signals become necessary competence of efficient competencies. Our guests had the opportunity to learn about the wide range of technological possibilities implemented in the Ceramika Tubądzin III factory. The scale of activities and implementations as well as production innovations made a great impression on the participants of the program.

A good product is a response to market needs, therefore an inseparable element of our substantive program is a meeting with inspiration and design. This was also the case this time.

Another point on the competences map of the Architect Academy is a business workshop. Industry knowledge without the ability to move efficiently in the business world and relationships with customers, causes many disappointments and failures.

Therefore, in our T-Academy, we make sure that the competence tools are combined and complete.

Creative energy accompanied us throughout the long day of workshops. Our community in Tubądzin Community are years of creating relationships based on values and mutual competence development.


The Architect’s Academy workshop is a substantive program based on the reliable knowledge of experts, and the practical experience of people conducting individual modules, these are groups of workshop participants with high competencies in the world of architecture and design.

Connecting such dots for the benefit of the benefits gained by the recipients of the workshops is the genetic code and identity of T-Academy. The combination of knowledge, experience, willingness to act and curiosity about new solutions is a great energy effort worth the results.

We would like to thank our guests for their active participation, we remember you in subsequent editions. We are with you for business and private purposes, and we also remember your very personal topics.

This time we had a participant in the workshops of the Architect’s Academy, who celebrated his birthday exactly on this day. We remembered celebrating that day 😊


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