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Budma building fair is an event organized since 1991 in Poznań, which probably does not need to be introduced to anyone. For many years, the event has been an opportunity to premiere the latest construction solutions. This fair has the status of an international one due to the great interest of visitors from abroad, as well as exhibitors developing their business on the Polish market.

Over the years, the fair has evolved, and with it the participation and involvement of companies such as the Tubądzin Group.

We have participated many times as an exhibitor, showing the latest collections of tiles. Budma was the place for many premieres of our groundbreaking products signing many contracts and establishing countless business relationships.

Budma 2024 marks our return to the fair, although not as an exhibitor, but in a completely new capacity, i.e. as a supporting partner in the Contractor Zone organized by the Finishing Industry Association. This is a technical and training zone where classes will be held, during which participants will have a chance to gain or confront knowledge in the field of finishing work. This is an initiative of companies active in the contractor training market organized under the aegis of a common partner, the SBW.

Tubądzin is not only about beautiful tiles and refined design, it is also about experience and knowledge, which we want to share with our partners, which are contractors, designers, architects, distributors and all people directly and indirectly connected with the ceramic industry in the broadest sense. Increasing awareness of the product and its proper and installation is in everyone’s interest, because it guarantees customer satisfaction. That’s why for many years Tubądzin has been educating dealers, designers and contractors, as well as supporting the training initiatives of industry associations. One of them is the Finishing Industry Association, which originates from the Facebook topic group Glazurnik My Hobby, with tens of thousands of members. The association’s activities have been recognized by the organizers of the Budma trade fair, who have made available an area of nearly 800 m2 for the preparation of an impressive training zone for contractors.

The association’s partners will be present in the zone for 4 days of the fair, conducting training courses, practical workshops, trying to reach everyone interested, promoting good practices in the construction industry.

At this stage we don’t want to reveal all the plans, but visitors can be sure that there will be a lot to learn at the shows, meet professionals who work with large-format panels on a daily basis, and cut and install the panels themselves in the prepared boxes.

Leading bloggers from the finishing industry have announced their presence at the fair, as well as several representatives of finishing material manufacturers who are partners of the Finishing Industry Association.

The event runs from 30 to  2, with the booth located in Hall 8A. Each day there will be activities with our materials. We have scheduled demonstrations of cutting and processing of large-format panels on January 31 and February 1, twice each day at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm.

You are welcome!

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