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If you want to experience the world to the full, to open up to emotions and their flow between people, the best opportunity to do so will be through shared experiences.

Such experiences are cared for, delivered and fully participated in.

On 30 June, we met with invited architects from the expert group of our Architecture Business Culture project once again, this time immersed 100% in the theme of #CULTURE.

This is the next stage of our journey together.

Inviting guests to Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera to see Stanislaw Moniuszko’s opera ‘Halka’ was a fantastic opportunity to experience emotions and the many dimensions of culture together.

Together with our guests, and participants in the Architecture Business Culture project, we had a real feast for the eyes, ears and soul.

It was a fantastic time spent and a shared experience. During the breaks, we shared our impressions to get to know each other’s feelings and to give each other attention.

The exchange of ideas is always invaluable, showing different perspectives on one event.

Together with the audience, which filled the entire theatre, we experienced and faced the bold staging ideas of the duo Mariusz Treliński – Boris Kudlička. The new stage realisation of ‘Halka’ is so unusual, strong and expressive in terms of the message and the director’s idea, that in this case, we can speak of a completely new reading of the opera classic.

And yet not classically served, not classically received.

The plot of Stanislaw Moniuszko’s most famous opera was moved to the “Kasprowy” hotel in Zakopane and shown in the climate of late communist Poland. It was here that the social elite of the time was partying.

We met again with our experts, once again at the Grand Theatre of the National Opera, to surround ourselves with the energy of #CULTURE OF SURROUNDINGS at one time and place

This meeting is part of our major project: ARCHITECTURE BUSINESS CULTURE.

More lie ahead:

#Architecture #Business #Culture

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