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Another Tubądzin brand showroom has opened in picturesque Fort Myers, one of the prettiest cities in West Florida.

It is here, in a place delightful with tropical vegetation and a mild climate, that a space attracting clients and architects, LuxArt Decor, the showroom of the Tubądzin Group, was created.

The idea of the interior and the was created thanks to the creativity and sensitivity of architects from the KXM studio – Klaudia Gołaszewska, Kinga Grzybowska, Marek Grodzicki and Michał Hondo. Tomasz Smus, Tubądzin Group architect, joined the team in the design process.

“We start our walk through the LuxArt Decor showroom from the entrance area. The feeling of “first impression” occurs only once – and that is what the entrance zone is for any office, which is supposed to delight and stay in the memory for a long time. Behind the company stand the owners, whose personality should be exposed in the business – this element is the green moss display with the Luxart Decor logo, which was handmade by the showroom investor and owner of MOSSIDesign,”said Klaudia Golaszewska KXM

The KXM team are recognized architects, winners of many awards and winners of the Grand PRIX in the Unlimited Architecture category, 4th edition of the 2022.

The grand opening of LuxArt Decor’s showroom was performed by Amadeusz Kowalski, vice-president of Tubądzin Group’s Management Team, and LuxArt Decor owners Aneta Niklewicz and Tomasz Salamon.

The creatively prepared opening attracted many guests including architects and designers, who expressed great satisfaction with the prepared collections and the quality of the products.

– Nature inspired porcelain stoneware is currently one of the most fashionable trends, not only in the United States. The new, even larger size makes it possible to arrange spaces where one tile is sufficient from floor to ceiling. With fewer joints, it’s easy to achieve a uniform wall effect.emphasized Amadeus Kowalski

The collections designed by Maciej Zień, distinguished by timeless elegance, catch the attention of the audience, trigger interest, provoke timeless solutions.

They are ideally suited to the climate of Florida.

“There are people behind Luxart’s design – investors, designers, contractors, suppliers. Our cooperation with Luxart investors Aneta and Tom was a great adventure! Thank you for your trust and we hope that the showroom spaces will be an inspiration for your customers!”said the authors of the project team KXM

Timeless solutions in the of the space, provide opportunities to use the material library with the customer. This is a great opportunity to step into the world of the destination and indulge in design fantasy.

Corner is a carefully designed zone to serve designers and customers. It is designed to encourage people to use it in the form of workshops and to keep potential customers for longer. By being able to work comfortably, everyone can feel comfortable and identify with the showroom and the products offered by the store. The table is also a great item used at events. It brings people together and enables comfortable conversations, and this has been tried and proven already at the official opening.” the authors of the project, KXM, talk about the idea

The display parts show a wide range of possibilities for combining patterns, collections, colors.

The commercial part of the showroom is arranged into two main spaces – the entrance area and the exposition area.

The display area has 14 bathroom expositions set up in the center of the showroom.

It’s a beautiful place that combines a good creative climate with a good product that gives unlimited possibilities.

LuxArt Decor showroom is located at 2543 Crystal Drive in Fort Myers, Florida 33966.


Ewa Kryszkiewicz

Manager of development and cooperation with architects

Tubądzin Group

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