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As in every field, the of space for creative living areas is becoming more and more younger generations.

Generation „Z”, growing in the world of digital technologies, computer games, and social media relations, treats AI as part of the “natural” space for generation and inspiration from the very beginning of its conscious functioning.

This GEN „Z” is visible in the vision of a young designer who won 2nd place in the Everyday category at the second stage of the international competition.

Meet the concept accompanying the process of a young designer:

Maksymilian Sejud from Poland – 2nd place in the category Everyday /Tubądzin Design Awards’ 22

„The main source of inspiration for me was the popular Polish computer game Cyberpunk 2077, but also the patina color and large minimalist interiors, I wanted to create something unique and modern.

I sincerely hope that this is what the bathrooms of the future will look like.”

Maksymilian Sejud

“Minimalist interiors captivate with their simplicity and order, as it was presented in my project. The minimalist style usually focuses on subdued, neutral colors, which is why the Art Cement tile was chosen for the project, which perfectly imitates concrete. The Patina Plate is also used, which is located on a part of the floor, separating the shower area and the suspended toilet bowl frame.

The bowl, all the taps, the walk-in shower wall and the button are golden in color, thus emphasizing the nobility of the room. The bathroom is dominated by cool shades, which additionally visually enlarge the space. One of the walls is made of black steel profiles between which there are milk panes that provide adequate lighting. This treatment gives the room a futuristic touch. The bathroom also has a suspended shelf for the washbasin and a large rectangular mirror placed on the above-mentioned shelf.”

Maksymilian Sejud

Get inspired by the works from the 1st stage of the Tubądzin Awards:

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