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The Academy of Architect workshops aims to provide effective tools influencing the development of the industry. Every day, inspiring, provoking new solutions, and facilitating work with the client, we stay in touch with the world of architects.

This was also the case this time. In October, the first workshops for architects in cooperation with BIMS took place, together with Lab 150 – Innovation Center located in Poznań.

In the spaces of conference rooms and the Material Library, we worked with architects on the changing structure of the customer market, new directions in design, and current difficulties during the process.

Each time our experts guide the workshop participant on practical solutions, tools that will help in difficult situations, and solutions that will facilitate implementation and communication with clients and contractors.

The topics of the workshops are based on real and current problems in the design, business and even economic world.

Tubądzin products located in the Material Library are ready for direct use by the designer and architect during conceptual cooperation with the client already on site. The size of the samples is suitable for creating a mood board composition with other products in the Material Library but also allows you to take the selected product home with you, even in a small women’s handbag (sample dimensions 15 × 15 cm).

In this space, we had many discussions about new collections, combining patterns, colours and textures. This was possible thanks to the wide range of samples available on site.

The module finalizing the entire meeting was a visit to the LAB 150 Prototype Shop. It is a modern machine park and a multidisciplinary team of experts that helps creative companies, but also individual creators of new ideas.

Here, the originators, with the help of LAB 150 experts, can make quick prototypes of the design, for example, furniture, interior furnishings and small prototype series of varying degrees of complexity. There were many ideas that we discussed with our guests.

Lab 150 is the first modern centre for designing, prototyping and testing products and services in Poland, created for companies from the interior and creative industries.

In the Material Library, a pleasant environment with materials from various manufacturers supplying interior elements allows for a “magical” appearance of newly designed spaces in front of the client.

Architects, using samples of various brands, visualize the proposed solutions using mood boards. The Tubądzin zone provides a wide range of products with samples.

We would like to thank our guests, the BIMS company and the Lab 150 team for the time spent together during the workshops at our academy.

  • What are we talking about during the Architect’s Academy workshop?
  • What are we working on individually with groups?
  • What are the most noticeable changes in the world of today?

The participants of our programs who have been with us many times in many editions know about it.

We invite architects and designers to the Tubądzin Design Community, where knowledge is gained through personal experience.

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