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Van Long Le from Vietnam, our winner of the first stage of the FutureNow category in this year's has answered a few questions about the competition and his approach to designing space. Let the story of this talented architect inspire you to create your own unique project and win the second stage!
Remember that the deadline for submission of designs is 31 October!

You are now at the beginning of your architectural career, you were still a student when you submitted the project. Is this your first big distinction in an international competition?

– In addition to my studies at the university, I have a particular interest in many architectural competitions. However this st he biggest international competition I have won. This really means a lot to me.

How did you find the information about competition, and how often do you adress the „issues ft he future” in your projects?

– The competition is an outstanding annual architectural event, so it is not difficult for everyone to learn about it. I learned about the contest through Arch Daily magazine 2 years ago, and this year I attended. I am always interested in the problems of life around me, especially I always question their transformation in the near future as well as in the very distant future. Through architectural projects, I continually verify my own observations and research, as well as make predictions and directions for a more sustainable future.

Your project is based on modular architecture. Do you think that architects will explore „more mobile” approach in the future? For example connecting work and life in one space?

– Modular architecture is a viable solution to life’s flexible requirements. However, I am not only moving towards mechanical mobility but also towards the elasticity of nature and society. For example the decline and self-healing of natural ecosystems or communities. Specifically in this situation – the division, reconnection and transformation of spatial structures, work and life or economics and culture, etc

What is the thing contemporary architecture misses the most, according to you?

– As mentioned above, in my opinion elasticity is especially important to a sustainable life. Contemporary architecture needs to have a deep understanding and respect for the natural laws of the natural and social elements of the surrounding context. Avoid rigidity in functional formation or structure construction.

Among the 6 works awarded in the first stage of Future Now, each one of them comes from a different place in the world and each one has a unique form. Do you think that your origin influences the shape and concept of your projects?

– I myself have lived and worked like a fisherman in order to gain a deeper understanding of the sea, the fishermen, their work and relationships. I think my living environment and architectural experience greatly influenced my concept formation in this competition.

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