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One of the many awards that were given to our ’22 winners was participation in one of the largest industry fairs, Cersaie’23 in Bologna.

In sunny Italy, we traveled with the Tubądzin  Awards’22 winners through the history and flavors of beautiful Bologna and celebrated two anniversaries.

Both the Tubądzin Group and the Cersaie fair celebrated their 40th anniversaries in the ceramics market.

We hosted the winners of the ’22 at the Tubądzin Group’s booth, which presented new products in response to the needs of the  world and customers.

The world of product innovations provided plenty of inspiration. Tubądzin Group with showed its capabilities with the Dreamscapes theme.


After exploring the fair, it was time for inspiration from Italy’s streets, buildings and culinary traditions.

Bologna rediscovered thanks to our fantastic guide showed our guests unknown historical corners. The comparison to Manhattan full of skyscrapers was amazing, and the graphics of Bologna centuries ago confirmed the comparison 100 percent.

In addition, universities, libraries and cathedrals are places that architects can never have enough of.


This year we prepared a surprise for our  Laureates.

We invited guests to the oldest Italian pasta school based right here in Bologna.

The fantastic ladies professors of the pasta school taught us the secrets of preparing and making many types of Italian pasta according to tradition.

A few photos show the atmosphere.

Fragrances, sunshine and plenty of knowledge about this beautiful city put our guests in a truly holiday mood. And such a mood is conducive to inspiration and new ideas.

With new inspirations and hearts filled with positive emotions, we returned to Poland.

We would like to thank our  laureates

for our time together at Cersaie 2023.


Ewa Kryszkiewicz

Manager of development and cooperation with architects

Tubądzin Group

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