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The living room, as the central space in a modern apartment, plays a crucial role not only in functionality but also in creating the atmosphere and character of the entire interior. It’s a place where residents gather, relax, spend time with family and friends, and showcase their individual tastes and style. Therefore, the living room serves not only as a place of relaxation but also as a representative area, becoming the showcase of the apartment.

Modern living rooms are characterized by versatility and openness. Often, the living room is connected to the kitchen in an “open space” concept, allowing for free movement between these areas and promoting integration during cooking or gatherings. The living room space is carefully designed to facilitate various activities, both for relaxation and entertainment. Comfortable sofas, designer armchairs, and coffee tables create a cozy atmosphere, while well-chosen lighting sets the mood in the interior.

Below, we present several modern living rooms created by participants of the competition.

Author of the project: Natalya Litiyagina, Kazakhstan

A modern living room with high ceilings, warm colors, and natural materials – it delights with its elegance and harmony. The centerpiece of the interior is a charming fireplace finished with tiles from the Tin collection, which adds coziness and creates a welcoming atmosphere for gatherings. The use of modern forms and attention to detail allowed for achieving a cohesive design, creating a space full of charm and a unique atmosphere.

An inherent element of the living room is its representative function. The decor and arrangement of the living room reflect the style and personality of its inhabitants. Carefully chosen furniture, fabrics, decorations, and works of art create a cohesive whole that distinguishes the interior and gives it a unique character. Contemporary living rooms often combine modern with elements of nature, such as plants or natural materials, which add harmony and balance to the space.

Author of the project: Maja Berlińska, Aleksandra Łukasik, Poland

In this modern living room with a dominant elegance, the unique use of tiles from the Specchio Carrara collection on the furniture fronts gives it a distinctive character. Coziness and warm colors create a relaxing atmosphere, encouraging spending time in this harmonious space. The place exudes modern elegance, as well as a moody ambiance, creating an exceptionally tranquil and warm area.

A contemporary living room is not just a place for everyday use, but also a space for creating special memories and experiences. It is where family gatherings, parties, coffee conversations, or watching favorite movies take place. Therefore, to create the soul of a modern apartment, it is essential to take care of the living room as the heart of the space, where comfort, style, and functionality come together, forming a cohesive and inspiring atmosphere for residents and their guests.

Author of the project: Karina Mayer, Ukraine

In this living room, white and tranquil colors create an aura of brightness and harmony. Open spaces filled with natural light emphasize its spacious character. The delicately decorated tiles from the White Opal collection add subtle elegance, creating a unique place full of serenity and refined charm.

We encourage participation in future editions of the competition, as well as sharing your own projects on the Tubądzin Community website.


Kamil Głusiński

Specialist in development and cooperation with architects

Tubądzin Group

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