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Tubądzin Group is a partner associated with the realization of an interesting investment by the sea. In the “Creative Art” competition, the jury selected works that will be immortalized on ceramic plates installed at the Sarbinove Apartment Estate. Printing the works on the plates will ensure their durability and resistance to weather conditions.

The theme of the competition works was “Vegetation, animals, buildings”. – inspired by the coastal landscape. The competition, “Creative Art,” was open to students and graduates of art, architecture, and graphic design colleges.

To quote the contest organizers:

“The works, were like a wonderful journey through the world of art, full of diversity and individuality. We would like to sincerely congratulate all the participants, but today we would like to especially recognize those who shone the brightest.”

1st place

Cyprian Holownia – His work showing the town of Sarbinowo and the charming church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a true masterpiece. Each white line is like an amazing story, and the attention to detail is astounding!

2nd place

Weronika Bień – Work presenting Medusae, as we think they are from the family of Aurelia aurita, or the all-too-commonly known Praying Mantle Chela. Her work exudes creativity and is striking with its original color scheme. Blue, red, and delicate orange accents make the work come alive before our eyes!

3d place

Amelia Kantor – Concrete breakwaters in her interpretation is a combination of originality, individual approach to color and the artist’s unique style.

Congratulations to the winners for taking such a unique look at the world around us!

We would also like to present the works of the awarded artists:
🌟 Wiktoria Sałaj
🌟 Julia Stawinoga
🌟 Przemysław Sasin

Sarbinove is to be not only a place to live, but also a space full of inspiration. The authors of the winning works will visit the Tubądzin and see the process of creating ceramic murals. You will find coverage of this event on our website.

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