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For many years, the Tubądzin Group has been supporting a wide-ranging group of ceramic industry professionals. We assume that a company is not only about products, but also about knowledge of their design, installation and operation. We strive to build a community centered around the ceramic industry that includes retailers, designers and contractors, as only the involvement and knowledge of each party guarantees the best result and full customer satisfaction.

The year 2023 was another very training-intensive period in our business. We trained more than 1,000 designers and architects as part of the CAD series with our long-time partner. These were trainings that improved participants’ skills not only in the use of the design program, but through our additional modules, participants were able to develop their product and contractor knowledge. The feedback collected shows that there is growing interest in technical training from designers.

Several groups of architects associated with our distributors, had the opportunity to participate in training sessions held at one of our production facilities in Sieradz. They learned about large-format tile production technology and the full range of Tubądzin Group tiles in our largest company showroom. If we add to this a number of offsite trainings with our foreign partners, we close 2023 with a sense of a job well done.

A group of nearly 1,000 contractors learned the ins and outs of working with large format, based on the experience of our long-time trainers, as part of the Sopro Academy series.

The group of Atlas – certified contractors trained in the installation of large-format cladding is already more than 200 people. This year it has grown by dozens of new names of specialists. Atlas has been successfully conducting a series of specialized training courses for certified contractors for several years.

Contractor training sessions at our partners’ retail outlets have become our calling card and a brand in itself over the years.

To the present day, we have completed more than 500 of them. The meetings, during which our trainers share their knowledge, allow us to develop the skills of participants and convince them to work with large format. In 2023, in addition to a dozen trainings at distributors in Poland, it is worth highlighting a series of trainings at our partners in Romania, as well as away trainings in the United States held in the spring and summer. The opportunity to exchange experiences with the international community allows us to see that trends in interior finishes are universal around the world, as is the need for knowledge among distributors, designers and contractors.

What will 2024 bring? At this stage we can reveal that good ideas will continue, but we are well aware that the world and the industry do not stand still, so there are already a number of plans and ideas for interesting, bold activities in the market, because there is never enough knowledge!

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