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Two more cities are behind us as part of the “Cad Project Design: a Well-Designed day in your city” project, namely competence development workshops for designers and architects, whose main partner is the Tubądzin Group.

In of this year, we started the autumn part of the workshops with trainings in Poznań in the Lab150 building and in Opole in the Museum of Polish Song in Opole.

During our meetings, our team focused on several key topics. First and foremost, we presented our company’s latest products and technological innovations to keep our partners up to date with new developments in our offerings.

In addition, we analyzed macroeconomic changes in the market, which allowed us to adjust our strategy to changing business conditions. An important aspect of our meetings was also to understand and take into account the needs of our customers, allowing us to better tailor our products to their expectations.

In addition, we emphasized the importance of design, especially for architects, who consider it a key element of their projects. Our meetings were aimed at providing comprehensive knowledge and inspiration to our participants, so that together we can develop our activities and build mutual relationships.

All of our speakers delivered extremely interesting speeches that were full of valuable knowledge and inspiration. Their presentations captured the attention of the event’s participants and provided them with invaluable insights into the industry.

In addition, there were also fascinating conversations with engaged architects and designers who actively participated in the workshops and shared their experiences and perspectives, which enriched our meeting and allowed for an interesting exchange of ideas.

More trainings are awaiting your presence!

Be with us in one of the five remaining cities.

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