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On 4, the inauguration ceremony of the 2023/2024 academic year took place at the H. Chodkowska University of Technology and Economics in Warsaw, to which the Tubądzin Group was invited as Guest of Honor. Two years ago, we embarked on a joint venture with the university to develop the competencies of the university’s students and provide the practice of everyday life of companies and business.

During the inauguration, Rector Dr. Justyna Żylińska warmly welcomed the assembled guests, including Tubądzin Group and the university community, having addressed the following words to the new students:

“Dear students, in a moment you will be matriculated and become full members of our academic community. I wish you to find a safe and friendly haven within the walls of the University, to never stop searching for answers to all the questions that trouble you, to nurture your hunger for knowledge and have the courage to pursue your dreams.”

The Rector also shared the success of the University, which received positive evaluations from the Polish Accreditation Commission for six different majors in the /23 academic year thus distinguishing itself as the only one in Poland to have done so, which is an exceptional achievement.

The University’s Rector also announced the opening of UTH’s new campus in Warsaw, which will be equipped with modern studios and spacious lecture halls, as well as a dormitory available for Interior students, who will have a say in designing the space themselves.

During the ceremony, students lecturers and employees of the University were recognized with awards for the previous year of work. This was followed by the matriculation of the first year of study, where students took the oath of office and received symbolic admission decisions.

At the end, Maciej Gorący, chairman of the UTH Student Government, warmly welcomed the new students and expressed his delight at their choice of the University. As part of the inaugural lecture, Dr. Krzysztof Gawkowski gave a talk on “Human Security in a World of Artificial Intelligence.”

The ceremony culminated with the famous QUOD BONUM, FELIX, FAUSTUM, FORTUNATUMQUE SIT and three strikes of the scepter, after which the Rector declared the 2023/2024 academic year open.

We wish all students of the H. Chodkowska University of Technology and Economics in Warsaw a fantastic start in the next academic year 2023/2024, full of new opportunities and challenges that await them within the walls of the university. it be a time full of inspiration, gaining knowledge and realizing dreams!

As Tubądzin Comunity, we are preparing this academic year for students of the H. Chodkowska University of Technology and Economics in Warsaw meetings of active development workshops “Meetings of innovation and design”.

We wish the Scientific Council and the students of the university a lot of inspiration, great experiences and knowledge that will provide many opportunities and perspectives.


Kamil Głusiński

Specialist in the department of development and cooperation with architects

Tubądzin Group

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